SPA Poems
Leann Marshall
"In The Shadow Of The Cross"
Melissa R. Mendelson
"Drifting Waters"
"Gold Against The Blue"
"Chasing Dreams"
"Starting Over"
"Reflicting Upon Heroes"
"Waves Of You"
"Chocolate Devoid"
"Empty Sleep"
"Tracing Their Footsteps"
Jean Ann Morgan
"Sphere Of Life"
"Ice Dancing"
"Vibrant Dawn"
Barbara A. Sabo
"OP Sail 2000"
"Her Heart's Grave"
"I Know you"
Karen C. Vanderlaan
"She Wants To Wear A Pretty Dress"
"The Meaning Of Life"
John Apple Bowman, III
"A Most Unhappy Sailor"
Captain John McGee"
"A Boat Of Birchen Bark"
Alan V. Galloway
"Have You Served Your Country Today?"
"From My Mother's Hands"
"My Mother's Man"
Michelle Z. Banda
"A Mother's Temple"
"You Came From My Heart"
"By The Lampost"
John E. Cashwell, Sr.
"Till The Cosmos Runs Dry"
"Qing Ming"
"Above The Cliffs"
"Mother Of God"
"The Letter"
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Jeffrey Cunningham
"The Schooner Breaks Free"