About The Author:  Melissa R. Mendelson is a
former news reporter for Suffolk County's Smithtown Messenger
Newspaper and former freelance writer for Hudson Valley's Photo
News.  She continues to write a variety of articles for Associated Content,
and her poetry and short stories continue to be published both online and
in print. She has
two books of prose poetry published, “Silent Dreams” and “Tears of
Sand”. For ordering information
visit here. Her poetry has also been
included in several poetry anthologies such as “Names in a Jar”, which
can be found at
Amazon.com,  A portfolio of her work can be found on
her blog at
                      "A Walk With You"

We walk along different roads,
but we still walk together,
hand and hand.
And you never let me fall.
Instead, I rose
through guidance and strength
until I stood on my own,
and my feet follow yours.
And down this road,
we go,
father and child,
paving the way
with memories
to forever touch our hearts
and still hand and hand,
and no matter where time
were to lead us,
I’ll never stray from
nor forget
the love
I carry
for you.
                                                      © by Melissa R. Mendelson
                       "Waves Of You"
            (For the flight that went down over the Atlantic)

The ocean is a vision
of true beauty.
The darkest blue waves
touch the sun
at the edge of the world,
and life flows on by.
And gentle winds stir
up sweet smells
of salt water,
bringing light to our eyes
as we remember
the days when we were young,
and as the skies open,
tears of sadness
pound down against us.
And life floats on by,
and we swim
through harsh currents
and calm waves.
And we touch
the edge of the world,
never realizing
that we would one day
cross to the other side,
but as we swim
through the ocean of eternity
do the waves carry back
the memories and moments
that will always define        
who we truly are.
And life pauses
to reflect
on a life lost
before drifting on.
                                                             © by Melissa R. Mendelson
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The Poetry of Melissa R.

                  "Chocolate Devoid"

I am the sweet chocolate
melting across your soft lips,
but do you look at me
while eating away all
that I am?
I have the heart of a lion,
but you have already laid claim
to my throne.
I am the sweet, innocent bunny
devoured without thought.
I loved endlessly
until I drowned in darkness,
sweet candy for your soul.
I am the touch of art
with a grace of care,
but without a pause,
the plastic is ripped
and tossed away.
My life is the box laid open,
and I am the sweet chocolate
melting across your soft lips.

                                                                               © by Melissa R. Mendelson
                                                         "Empty Sleep"

Love for me
is a dream gone cold,
and I wish to feel
his hand
against my heart.
They hold hands,
pass me by,
and dream,
dream of love,
but I dream no more.
I look no further
for pain of the past
is fresh in memory.
I won't hurt
like that
no more,
so my dreams remain empty.
I walk alone,
but the dream of love
lingers still,
whispering through
the corridors of my heart.
And I know that I
will dream
of love
one day again.
                          © by Melissa R. Mendelson
                   "Tracing Their Footprints"
                          (For the Oscars)

Respecting somebody takes time
for disappointment follows their every step
as we watch them accomplish
what we dream of doing
and admire their achievements,
which fuel our own desire to be like them.
We long to stand right beside them
and show our respect and admiration
for who they are
and what they’ve done,
turning our backs
on the disappointment
that failed to prove that our icons were nothing.
We drink from the cup of fame
and taste a dream
we wish to live.

                                                © by Melissa R. Mendelson
Time to reflect on their sacrifice.
The newspaper headline
is a bullet penetrating deep darkness of reality
that war is not gone,
and it’s not forgotten.
We still rage battles,
battles that will forever
define heroes,
but the villains live on.
And they refuse to die,
so we can’t give up.
We can’t hope for a better tomorrow
without laying our lives on the line,
and they will not be forgotten.
Our hearts and soul are their echo,
their sacrifice.
We are who they are fighting for.
This world goes on
because of them.
We remember the heroes that gave us hope,
and maybe, one day,
because of them,
war will be gone
and finally forgotten.

                                                        © by Melissa R. Mendelson