About The Author:  Melissa R. Mendelson is a
former news reporter for Suffolk County's Smithtown Messenger
Newspaper and former freelance writer for Hudson Valley's Photo
News.  She continues to write a variety of articles for Associated Content,
and her poetry and short stories continue to be published both online and
in print. She has
two books of prose poetry published, “Silent Dreams” and “Tears of
Sand”. For ordering information
visit here. Her poetry has also been
included in several poetry anthologies such as “Names in a Jar”, which
can be found at
Amazon.com,  A portfolio of her work can be found on
her blog at

A porcelain doll
was the shell of me
so long ago,
and love was the dream
that lit up my eyes.
But that was long ago,
and now love is but a question.
And I have no answers,
but my heart is no longer fragile.
And the company that I keep
is the wave of silence
as the world walks by,
and I slip from its hand.
But a porcelain doll
I am no longer,
and my heart
is not made of glass.
And my eyes search
for a hint of love
that may lie still beyond
the horizon,
but let love find me
waiting here
as I dream a dream
of blue skies.                                       
© by Melissa R. Mendelson
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                            "Starting Over"

The beginning are the white pages
flowing before me,
but where are the words
to write?
There is so much held within
that I want to spill out,
but the pen remains silent.
My heart is racing,
drowning on emotions
denied to escape,
and the thought of love
echoes deep
in hollow corridors
still left dark.
Where are the words
that I wish to say,
the hope and promise
of living life again?
Starting over is never easy,
but if we shed the past,
let go of regrets and mistakes,
then we can finally move on
to a new road,
where we find life again
waiting to take
us back in.
© by Melissa R. Mendelson
                       "Chasing Dreams"

Touching the dreams
that lie on the other side,
but I still slip back.
And I struggle to move ahead,
footstep after footstep,
and the walls of my world
begin to break.
But still they keep me away,
away from where I want to be,
but am I heading there?

The barrier before me is broken,
and the bricks in the wall crumble.
I can't give up now,
and the further
I'm pushed back,
the stronger my desire becomes.
I will be seen.
I will be heard.
These dreams in my hand
will light up the night,
and I reach
to touch what lies
across the other side.

                                                       © by Melissa R. Mendelson
                         "Gold Against The Blue"

We believe there are no heroes left,
no heroes to take us under their wing
and silence the wars
raging along these streets.
We only see the imaginary heroes
coming to our rescue,
saving innocence,
and taking down
the bad guys,
but those men that hold us captive
with the depth of their heart
only live within the television screen.
And they are not the ones
coming to save us,
and against the blue
do we feel the darkness.
But as bullets threaten to rip
this world apart
do guardian angels take flight,
laying their life on the line
for us,
and if we want to see the heroes
that we wish to believe in,
then we only have to open our eyes.
They stand proud,
side by side
with medals dangling from their necks,
and we realize
that there are good men and women left
to bring down
the wave of crime
and carry this world
above their wings
that hold us tight.                                
© by Melissa R. Mendelson
The Poetry of Melissa R.
Slip from the arms of love,
but that was so long ago.
Its touch is like a ghost
begging for my heart,
but I fear to let go.
Daggers had cut me deep,
and my tears have run dry.
And I walk alone,
and the world remains
out of my grasp.
And I wish to live,
free myself from these walls
of my life,
and I wish to love.
But no more
would I find
the same man
waiting to break me.
When I return
back to the warm embrace of love
would I find someone
to set me free,
but until that day,
I remain alone.
                                             © by Melissa R. Mendelson   
                         "Drifting Waters"
My heart lies heavy,
but I can feel it beating.
And sadness pours through its corridors,
telling me to let go,
but I got comfortable.
And the ground beneath me
gave way,
and I am falling.
And where I will land,
I never know,
but somehow, someway,
I stand again.
And struggle gives way to comfort,
and the whispers of change
fall on deaf ears.
But nothing ever stays the same,
and my destiny does not lie here.
But where do I go to now?
And my heart lies heavy,
and love remains a dream.
I drift down days ahead,
and imagination keeps at my side.
And somehow, someway,
I will slip past
the rest stops of my life
and find where it is
that I am supposed
to be.
                                                 © by Melissa R. Mendelson