The Poetry of Leann Marshall
About The Author:
Born in Springfield, Missouri, and having had a father in the
Communications industry, Leann moved a few times so that
she grew up in St. Louis, Nashville, and ended up in Charlotte,
NC where she has lived for many years. She has always loved
to write. "In elementary school my friends and I would make
little 'books' out of squares of notebook paper stapled together
and write stories in them, sometimes illustrating them, too."
She says it seems like when she's in a group of people, she has
always been the one quietly observing everything going on
instead of planting herself in the center of things. "Not that
I'm anti social--I'm not--it's just the way I am. And actually
it's been invaluable to me as a writer to fall back on these
observations of people and places and things through the
years. Many writers are thoughtful observers--they'll tell you
so." Here are a few of her favorite poems. Enjoy
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"In The Shadow of the Cross"

                                  rocky ground;
                                  All eyes
                                  to see
                                  the face
                                  above them
Features drawn    Agony    Spikes through flesh and bone and blood spills
down, down  Turns the baked soil red amid their feet  yet they do not see       
                                  From within
                                  the long
                                  Cast upon
                                  rocky ground
                                  Even now
                                  We hold
                                  this image
                                  In our minds
                                  For time
                                  invents no
                                  The soil at
                                  our feet
                                  Still red
                                  The crowd
                                  Gazes upward
                                  To see the
                                  still restless
                                  from the darkness
                                  To be forgiven
                                  Like the thief
                                  To find the way
                                  Have faith
                                  To do what’s right
                                  To step from the shadows
                                  And into His Light

                                  © by Leann Marshall

      I lie upon the dormant ground
      Look up
      To watch a lonely falcon rise
      Upon a draft
      On silent outstretched wings
      Up to the moon
      It spirals round and round again
      And soon
      My harried consciousness grows wheels
      Conjuring up a chariot
      It tucks my racing heart inside
      Then borne up by the Darkness,
      (Now a fleet and winged steed)
      We all at once take flight
      Through swirling mists of night
      Where shadowed fields of heaven lie
      Then on o'er unknown hills
      Brushed silver by the moon
      Forgotten lands
      Where unused dreams lie strewn
      Above where any bird can fly
      Beyond where secrets never die
      Where dragons rage with fiery cry
      And fairies sing their lullabies
      Where words hold nothing to the wise
      And faith is yet the greatest prize
      Appearing real before my eyes
      So filled with life and love and fight
      Makes promises to never stop
     (Unless should I- from some imagined dread or fright-
      Pull back on shuddering reins
      With all my might)
      Here so near
      Unto the stars
      Suffused within peculiar light
      My eyes grown wide
      With awe’s delight
      And naught but
      Possibilities in sight
      In liberation, Psyche’s voice
      Makes clear the way
      To make my choice
      And so give I free rein instead
      Let illusion have its head
      Letting go with childlike awe
      To slip the bonds of earthly law
      To fling my spirit through the air
      To feel the cosmos in my hair
      And make a vow above all things
      To celebrate imaginings

                                             © by Leann Marshall
[This verse was written as a poetic introduction included inside my upcoming novel,
                   “The Rendering”  http://www.leannmarshall.com/]                           


           Regrets that run so deeply
           Our vanity of fears
           Lie jumbled in reflections
           As in a house of mirrors

           Where hope is not a lightning bolt
           That lights up all the night
           But plays amongst the shadows
          ’Till held captive in the light

                                          © by Leann Marshall