About The Author:  
A former senior lawyer for the George Herbert Walker
Bush Justice Department, Barbara is the retired mother of
five with seven grandchildren. Her current passions
include writing, visiting with her extended family, golf
(she plays to a 10 handicap) and sailing her 45 foot
Morgan Catalina Sloop with her husband Chandler on
Belmont Bay.  She writes great reviews, so we are
delighted to post a few of her love poems here, after so
many appeals to her literary legacy. Enjoy
OP SAIL 2000
   "Op Sail 2000"

I watched as others did gladly cheer
A tall and winning man,
His mainmast flashing swiftly by
In flourishes so grand.

Then came the one at last
Sure to, to cross the line;
The one who too I held worthwhile;
He who did the best he can.

He loses quietly
Yet with a certain smile;
Beaten, yes he is,
But not one who will choose to stay
Among the rank and file.

This man will hoist another sail;
His time to win, some other day
The cheering crowds who turned away
He who loses with a smile.

Judge not too harshly
That shrug of shoulders, for some too thin;
He cares much more, than the rest of them,
My husband and my friend.

                                 © 2000 Barbara A. Sabo.
"Her Heart's Grave"

Ah, the love she laid
Upon her heart's grave;
The best of her lips and arms
Belonged to a man who never knew
And could not understand.

A fool she was,
For her best she gave
Of noble thoughts and plans so grand;
Such a fool one's folly never saves,
And cannot understand.

Stabs to her heart she hid,
Upon her trembling knees did stand;
'Twas her soul it was that ran
From love's forbidden embrace
That only lovers understand.

A rake she had loved,
When the game was new;
And when it was played and done,
She cared not if any others knew
Or chose to understand.

It isn't the ache of heart
Or its break that burns
Against her breast like desert sand;
It's knowing how he raised her hopes,
Then chose to be, far less than a man.

                                  © 2009 Barbara A. Sabo
       "I Know You"

I know you and you know me;
That is clear enough to see.
And with our inner souls entwined,
The meaning of your heart is mine.

I love the way we differ less,
And hold each other's hand in happiness;
Our thoughts and wants pleasantly agree,
Because I know you, and you know me.

We can look each other in the face;
See not a difference, not a trace,
Of one's soul's path that can be traced
In the reflection of a shared embrace.

When first I saw you standing there,
I knew you well, my heart would share;
For I am you and you are rare;
In my mirror, I see you there.

None of life's hidden woes
Becomes a thorn in our private abode;
The "why" of things we can always see,
For I love you, and you love me.

                                     © 2016 Barbara A. Sabo
The Poetry of Barbara
A.  Sabo
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