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With Honor and Distinction
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Author:               John E. Cashwell
Paperback:                       406 pages
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"This is a perfect end to the trilogy. A shocking,
spellbinding conclusion finds Connie a hostage in Syria
while members of General McLoughlin's elite Navy Seals
try to extract her using the latest in UAV drone
technology. She returns to Montpelier where she must
now face and overcome the evil plotted by the "Taliban-
5" who conspire to attack the headquarters of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff." *****__ Michelle Z. Banda, author and
member of the Board of Editors, Literary Masters Inc.
John E. Cashwell is the author of the
critically acclaimed six-book epic Poem,
Toishan, and a most recent collection of 40
Where Purple Shadows Fall.

Set in the future, 2020-2021, his new novel
The Justice Compulsion explores the
catastrophic consequences of the current
growing divisiveness in the American
sociopolitical experiment.

And now we have the conclusion to the
trilogy: "With Honor and Distinction". All
our expectations are fulfilled as Constance
(Connie) Wannamaker is rescued from
Radical Islamic terrorists and prevents The
Taliban-5 from destroying the Joint Chiefs
of Staff  headquarters at Montpelier in
Orange, Virginia.

John has over forty years advertising,
marketing and copy writing experience,
most notably responsible for helping to
launch the Panasonic brand to consumers in
North America. A former US Marine, a
graduate of Duke University, and a former
Executive Vice president with Grey
Advertising, John lives on Long Island
where he enjoys writing, fitness training and
golf with his wife of fifty-four years, Ann M.
About the Author
Here, the most current of the Constance Wannamaker
novels to date. The Taliban-5 have returned to the
battlefield in Afghanistan today and Cashwell capitalizes
on their return in an exciting new novel.

"With Honor and Distinction" follows their terrorist
activities seven years later in living terror, as  exciting
new scientific discoveries of Nanotechnology and Virtual
Reality are becoming ubiquitous in New America society.

Herein, superb storyteller John E. Cashwell paints a
more complete canvas of the heroine of his former
bestsellers. In this new offering, Constance (Connie)
Wannamaker, Woman's Navy SEAL, Navy Flight School
fighter jet pilot and subversive agent of Joint Chief of
Staff of the Marine Corps General George M. (Mac)
McLoughlin comes of age. Her passage is far from

Devastated by the death of her high school sweetheart
and Marine Corps hero, Wicasa Wade Whitaker, at the
hands of Radical Islamic Terrorists, Connie flees to Syria
where she becomes a procreatory for these same

Challenging circumstances occur quickly for Connie as
she is brutalized by her beneficiary and becomes the love
slave of a Captain of ISIS.

In between, the presentation of a superbly researched
and artfully crafted narrative keeps the reader
spellbound. The fast paced action of another Cashwell
page-turner is compelling as The Taliban Five plot the
destruction of Join Chiefs of Staff' Headquarters at

Filled with twists and turns on nearly every page, "With
Honor and Distinction"
 is a must read conclusion to the
popular trilogy and a perfect literary companion for
today’s modern women and thriller lovers everywhere.
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