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Spring 2009
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Extraordinary Visits
Author:               Linda Law
Paperback:         212 pages
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Extraordinary Visits  is so beautiful inside as well as outside. I
ordered my copy from the author direct and it came back
signed with a lovely note,and a glossy  bookmark,nice surprise!
I thought it would be just a book on a topic I enjoy; but it
turned out to be a "gift" I gave to myself; one that will continue
giving,and one that I will share with others. I have several
favorite stories in the book. This one is a keeper.  *****__Meg
Life is a miracle and I collect the happenings that occur in our
lives that are considered divine interventions. Miraculous
occurrences that result in positive resolutions.  Sharing true
stories of myself and others in order to inspire, uplift and
generate hope is the journey that I am currently documenting.

Extraordinary Visits
is just the beginning
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Angels In Our Midst
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Lind Law has written a truly inspiring book. One cannot help
but feel good after reading her
Extraordinary Visits. We can
only hope that there will be more  such visits for Ms. Law to
codify for all to enjoy. The book is worth it
at twice the price. *****__ Larry Fugett
I recently purchased Extraordinary Visits by Linda Law for
someone else and found I was reading it myself. It's the type of
book that one wants to savor slowly, realizing that even in the
toughest times there is hope for each of us. Quite an uplifting
book that I strongly recommend to others.  Had to order
another copy for my friend. *****__ Joe P. Williams
I purchased two copies recently--one for my mother-in-law
and one for myself. This book will rival the Chicken Soup books
as the stories are more in depth and inspiring. Easy to read, but
you'll want to read it again
Extraordinary Visits  was very enjoyable.   I have
recommended it to others. It has romance, grief, humor,
mystery, all wrapped up in miracle endings. This book is
extraordinary in the easy way  Ms. Law interprets
Linda Law’s “Extraordinary Visits” is a deft collection of very
personal voices that soften the heart from every page. Perhaps
the most extraordinary facet of the work is the strong presence
of the fine creative hand of Ms. Law that gracefully gathers all
into a single, beautiful, witness of her faith. Worth the read . . .
more than once.*****__J. M. Humperjohn

Second in a series of a collection of
true events in the lives of ordinary
people who have had divine
intervention visit them during a dark
time in their lives! The true stories
are told simply and come from all
walks of life; from all over the world!
There is always HOPE if we trust and
accept the promises that we are
given! For a Publisher's copy  click
HERE. Enjoy!