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About The Author:
John E. Cashwell, Sr. is the author of the highly
acclaimed six-book epic poem Toishan, and a
most recent collection of 40 poems, "Where
Purple Shadows Fall." Set in the future,
2020-2022, his new novels "The Justice
Compulsion" and its sequel "Sail On Silver Girl"
explore the catastrophic consequences of the
current growing divisiveness in the American
sociopolitical experiment followed on by the
evils of the emergence of the Socialist
International Society within a New World
Order. A third novel in the series, "With Honor
and Distinction" is currently underway.

John has over forty years advertising,
marketing and copy writing experience, most
notably responsible for helping to launch the
Panasonic brand to consumers in North
America. A former US Marine, a graduated of
Duke University, and a former Executive Vice
president with Grey Advertising, John lives on
Long Island where he enjoys writing, fitness
training and golf with his wife of fifty-two years,
Ann M. Cashwell.
(An Epic Poem of 6 books, 740 pages, and 33,616 words)
      Spanning more than 1,300 years and over forty-
seven generations, "
Toishan" bookmarks at key points
in time the contributions of the Chinese men and women
who built the American railroads.
      Launching a delicate 5th Century junk from Toi Shan
Province in CE 496, the Most High Buddhist Priest
Hoei-shin Ti initiates an incredible journey up the west
coast of Japan, north past the Korean peninsula, along
the Aleutian Islands, southeast toward Alaska, down the
west coast of North America, to present-day California.
      In Book Two: “Ship of Thieves 1800-1849” provides
a brief-window history of the mid-19th century Irish
immigrants who left behind political defeat and famine
for the gold fields of California.
      Herein the descendants of Antonio Zeppi Evangelista
and Sir Quentin Gnarr Roberts are two “time travelers”
aboard the alternate history of the US Pacific Mail Ship
California during its maiden voyage from New York
harbor to the hard docks of San Francisco, California.
      Like other skylarks and prostitutes of the period,
Roman Quentin Roberts and Mary Madonna Evangelista
are seeking a better time, a better place and a better life.
Drawn to the “fields of gold and might” of 1849 California
they become companions, lovers and finally soloists, as
they take strikingly different paths to their equally
compelling goals of wealth and power.
      Smart and filled with the characteristically fine
historical perspectives of the author, Toishan: Book Two
makes for informative and gripping reading.
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"A master of character development, John E.
Cashwell brings to life his  players in simple,
eerie impressions. A surprising read. Worth the
time if you are a history buff, a poet or a true
romantic." ***** --- Dwight A. Hugues

"A new Bard has arisen  in North Carolina.  One
refreshing, breathtaking, fast-paced poet who
lives in every page. I tried it. I liked it.  You will
too!"***** --- Gaston B. Gundlach

"Cashwell has accomplished something here so
pure and real its implications border on the
devout. Mixing faith, love and passion in an
incomparable and zesty bouillabaisse." **** ---
J. Wolley Russell

Hardly a devout piece that portrays a Buddhist
Priest as a womanizer. And with a black woman
in North America before Thomas Jefferson?
Hardly historic!Actually a poor, sad concoction
of fantasy, fiction and fuzzy history. Rightfully
so, a quick read.** --- Susanna M. MacLeary

Whether it be "Java Man,"  Peking Man or
"Lucy (... In the Sky with Diamonds") there
were the ancient Australopithecines,  later
Homo ergaster and then Homo erectus
(comparably modern, upright beings classified
as hominids) who left the Savanna and spread
out across most of the globe a few million years
or so ago to possibly as recent as twenty
thousand years. Nothing fuzzy about that. A
great and thoroughly well researched read.****
--- T. A. Siebenheller
"Reading each page of Toishan is like gazing through a gracefully
arched window into the mists of a distant past; John Cashwell's
flowing words masterfully paint such detailed, vivid portraits of
the men and women in his unique story, rendering them three-
dimensional, making them truly unforgettable, and leaving you
wanting more!"  *****--Leann Marshall

"I love Bibi Anbee. I want her to be real. But she is. She is. On
every page of
Toishan: Book One and in your mind during every
read of
Toishan: Book Two! . A haunting, thrilling, paralyzing
read . . . again and again. I could not put it down. Done in a day
or less, but with you for all time. Yahoo! For poets like this. "
*****---Malcomb W. Grossenheider

It is a bold writer who dares to tackle head-on the subject of
what it means to be human. Something that John E. Cashwell
does with tenderness and inexhaustible curiosity. Every episode,
every book, is a well-done read!" ****---Richard E. Sigphen

"Cashwell's Epic poem is a surprising, moving and life-affirming
embrace of the human condition. Herein lies victories, failures,
potencies and frailities becoming thrilling, liberating and quite
often paralyzing rather than dour portents of life . . . or death.  
I'll read it again and again." *****---Brice W. Reynolds.

Toishan: Book Two is an amazing read. Building upon Toishan:
Book One
and setting the stage for four more that I'll anticipate
with great need. It's a long way from Fusang to Promontory
Summit. I can't wait to take the ride. The character development
alone will represent a first-class ticket. Roll on
*****---John Apple Bowman, III.

"A friend recently asked me what my new book was about. First,
I told him, it is not a book; it is a poem. A poem of epic
proportions and epic conditions when one considers how wicked
and then again equally spiritual it is. Like life, this poem is and
always shall be simple, tragic and hauntingly beautiful . . ."
comment --- John E. Cashwell
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Praise for Toishan:
Book One
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