Best of 2011
(An Epic Poem of 6 books, 210 pages, and 33,616 words)

Spanning more than 1,300 years and over forty-seven
generations, Toishan bookmarks at key points in time
the contributions of the Chinese men and women who
built the American railroads.

Launching a delicate 5th Century junk from Toi Shan
Province in CE 496, the Most High Buddhist Priest Hoei-shin
Ti initiates an incredible journey up the west coast of Japan,
north past the Korean peninsula, along the Aleutian Islands,
southeast toward Alaska, down the west coast of North
America, to present-day California.

In 1865 some 1,369 years later his descendants and those of
Sir Quentin Gnarr Roberts, an Irish immigrant, are conjoined
in the most eloquent material work of both races—the
construction of The American Transcontinental Railroad.

In six spellbinding works, Cashwell chronicles the return of
the Chinese to California, and the arrival of the Irish, in an
imaginative but highly believable alternate history of the
discovery and ultimate assimilation of the American West.
and Dreams and Song"  

Author:                John E. Cashwell
Paperback:                        124 Pages

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