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Author:                    John E. Cashwell
Paperback:                           570 pages
List Price:            $22.98
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New for 2020
                    PRAISE FOR THORNHILL:
In his most poignant writing to date, Mr. Cashwell has
delivered an equally thrilling  and  compassionate  
discussion of the  elations and  sorrows that captivate a
willing populace longing for a richer personal and civic
*****__The Editors, Literary Masters
About the Author
    John E. Cashwell, Sr. is the author of
the highly acclaimed six-book epic poem
Toishan, and a most recent collection of
40 poems, “Where Purple Shadows Fall.”
Set in the future, 2020-2022, his new
novels “The Justice Compulsion” and its
sequel “Sail On Silver Girl” explore the
catastrophic consequences of the growing
divisiveness in the American sociopolitical
experiment followed on by the evils of the
emergence of the Socialist International
Society within a New World Order.
    A third novel in the series, “With
Honor and Distinction” is currently
available at Amazon Books. While his nost
recent title "NC 141 A Novel" is receiving
important reviews and selling rapidly.
    John has over forty years of copy
, advertising, and marketing   
experience, most notably responsible for
helping to launch the Panasonic brand to
consumers in North America.
     A former US Marine, a graduate of
Duke University, and a former General
Manager at Panasonic Corporation of
North America, John lives on Long Island
where he enjoys writing, fitness training
and golf with his wife of fifty-
six years,
Ann M. Cashwell
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"THORNHILL"  is one HELL of a good football story and
much, much more.
      About the strong work ethic that football demands of
all players. About right and wrong. About the rite of
passage. But most of all, "Thornhill" is about relationships
and enduring love.
      William Ward Stevenson is a
modern product of the
high-consumption, litigious 1980's. A time when a
generation of Americans expected to have it all and even
sued to get it. When the all-out quest for ego gratification,
self- fulfillment and winning at any cost, along with the
period's focus on glamorous external indicators of success,
      The vortex of national pride, wealth, and, above all, t
greed that characterized the period is present in everyday
life of  
the people of Thornhill. All too soon, mother/father,
parent/child and peer relationships are exposed against
the backdrop of this renaissance of the "Glory Days" of
      At the time, little was reported about the price to be
paid for such a renaissance. Yet it was there in all the
thrilling colors of the period, waiting underfoot to extract
payment for the excesses enjoyed.
      The dark side of the period is brought to light
in the
voice of the
hill where the citizenry of Thornhill sit and
watch as their dreams and aspirations are played out
every Saturday afternoon by their sons on the football field
below. They are fulfilled generously, for Thornhill's top
rated football team  does  satisfy the town's long
for winning season. Culminating in the  final game against
arch rival Pleasant Valley.
      A game that glimmers with  the bright and dark colors
of November when both triumph and disaster are at hand.