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Author:                                Lou Dobbs
ardcover:                           352 pages
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New for 2020
       In his most elegant writing to date, Lou Dobbs has
delivered an equally thrilling  and  a
ccurate discussion of
constant attacks against and the attempted political
of President Donald J. Trump orchestrated
by Barack Hussein Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and
the MainStream Media. While accurately enumerating
the longest list of important accomplishments of a
modern America president. Surpassed by none.
       "THE TRUMP CENTURY" is an important new
that a captivate a willing populace longing for a
richer personal
, economic and civic fulfillment is crying
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About the Author
       Louis Carl Dobbs (born September
24, 1945) is an American television
commentator, opponent of immigration,
conspiracy theorist, radio show host, and
the anchor of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox
Business Network.
       Educated at Harvard University (BA)
and the University of Idaho, his is
married to Debi Segura  and the father of
four children.
        Dobbs started with CNN at its
inception in 1980, serving as a reporter
and network vice president. On the air, he
served as host and managing editor of the
network's business program, Moneyline,
which premiered in 1980. It was renamed
Lou Dobbs Tonight in 2003.                
       Dobbs resigned from CNN for a short
period of time in 1999 but rejoined the
network in 2001. He resigned once again
in November 2009. In 2011, he joined the
Fox Business Network, resuming and
anchoring his show, Lou Dobbs Tonight.    
He is the former talk radio host of Lou
Dobbs Radio. He has authored several
books since 2001.
       Dobbs was an early promoter of anti-
immigration views, as well as of various
deep state conspiracy theories and
opposition to ANTI FA, BLM and other
treasonous ideologies and organizations.
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       How did Donald Trump almost single-handedly
reverse America's decline?
       As the 21st Century began, the world's only
superpower was economically adrift, policing the world
at the expense of American lives and trillions of dollars,
weighed down by one-sided trade and security
agreements with Europe and China that had been
ratified in a different era. Elites of both political parties
battled over who would manage America's decline from
preeminent world power.
       In "The Trump Century", the indomitable Lou
Dobbs explains how Trump has steered the debate
every day he has been in politics, greatly expanding
what Washington thinks is possible.
       By 2016, the globalist elites demanded no one speak
about limiting illegal immigration or securing our
borders. The elites told you Communist China would be
like us, and the PC orthodoxy told you what you could or
could not say. You were told America's Middle Class
could never grow again and wages would be stagnant
into perpetuity. President Trump reversed all of that as
radical Democrats and the Deep State conspired to
overthrow his Presidency, while the deadly pandemic
raged, and orchestrated street protests and violent riots
dominated news headlines. He has not only made
America great again but created a new standard for all
future Presidents and likely has set the American agenda
for the next hundred years.
       "The Trump Century" opens a window into Trump's
thinking on the economy, foreign policy, and border
security. It will energize his allies when they realize the
future he has shaped.