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The Justice Compulsion new
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"More than uncomfortable. More like a dreadful
disquiet." This is how the author characterizes the
ongoing vicious, malicious, name calling, backstabbing,
political landscape. Herein, Mr. Cashwell has chosen to
offer the means to the terrible consequences of the
divisive compulsions of today's politicians, pundits and
Orwellian stacked MainStream Media. His is a
deliberately terrifying consequence of the yelling and
screaming." ****__Howard Randell

"From kitchen tables, to offices, to assembly halls, out
into the streets, a growing divisive spirit, which is
gripping and crippling America today, threatens to
destroy the country. In contrast to the yelling and
screaming, Mr. Cashwell offers a quietly chilling
prophecy that may signal a predictable and
catastrophic end to the divisiveness. Let us hope it
never comes to this." ****__Jim Green

"This is one of Mr. Cashwell's best efforts. A fast and
slick read for thriller lovers everywhere, especially
women. I am a great fan of his poetry. Now I look
forward to his next novel. And it looks like there is
certain to be a follow up as everyone will wish to know
what path Jacqueline Constance Wannamaker will
take now." *****__ Michelle Z. Banda, author and
member of the Board of Editors, Literary Masters Inc.
John E. Cashwell is the author of the
Toishan, and a most recent collection of
40 poems,
Where Purple Shadows Fall.

Set in the future, 2020-2021, his new
The Justice Compulsion explores
the catastrophic consequences of the
current growing divisiveness in the
American sociopolitical experiment.

John has over forty years advertising,
marketing and copy writing experience,
most notably responsible for helping to
launch the Panasonic brand to consumers
in North America. A former US Marine, a
graduate of Duke University, and a
former Executive Vice president with
Grey Advertising, John lives on Long
Island where he enjoys writing, fitness
training and golf with his wife of fifty-two
years, Ann M. Cashwell.
About the Author
The year is 2020. The ten years leading up to 2020
have created such a high degree of divisiveness among
the American people that in June of 2016 the divisive
intent of both sides becomes a geopolitical reality. The
fifteen states that accepted a Socialist Progressive
form of government become The Blue States. Aka.
Socialist America governed by a Marxist President
who would extend his presidency over a period of
twelve years. The thirty-five Red States who are
governed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the former US
military become Federalist America.
The Red States fight and win the Mexican-South
American Wars of 2016-2020, which are the
consequence of a weak American president whose
governing priority had become a relentless
redistribution of the economic wealth of  America
rather than defending and protecting Her.
A war hero of the period, Wicasa Wade Whitaker,
returns to high school at the age of 20 where he meets
and wins the trust and love of sophomore schoolmate
Jacqueline Constance Wannamaker. On September 11,
2020, the brutal assassinations of their teacher and
the Captain of the football team by Anwar Muhammad
Majeed terrorizes the two protagonist along with all  
members of their World Geography class.
The precipitous and evil act of Muhammad Majeed
sets the stage for the next twelve months when Jacque
and Wade devote their lives to seeking justice for the
brutal slaying of their teacher and their friend.          
Full of expected twists and turns characteristic of the
The Justice Compulsion offers the reader
insights into the futuristic world of 2020-2021 as
Jacque and Wade take strikingly different but
convergent paths on their way to preventing a
devastating attack on Washington, D.C. planned by
Radical Islamic Terrorists, September 11, 2021 the
20th anniversary of 9/11.
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