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The Great Santini: A Novel
Author:                          Pat Conroy
Paperback:                     480 pages
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A tyrannical father, a military "ace" brutalize his family and
particularly his oldest son, interpreting humanity as weakness
in this unsparing novel. Tragedy is the outcome. Robert
Duvall's performance of the title character in the film
adaptation is perhaps his finest role.
Best of Conroy
The Great Santini is a fabulous story, and nobody writes with
as much passion and beauty as Pat Conroy. Conroy takes us
through the emotional gamut from belly laughs to tears and
back again. Although some parts of the story are fiction, there
is enough truth in that when Conroy's mom filed for divorce
from the real Colonel after 33 years of marriage, she handed a
copy of
The Great Santini to the judge as evidence of the
Colonel's violent nature. Conroy's is  definitely a success story
and despite many scars, he was able to overcome his
tumultuous upbringing to become the very successful writer he
is. But perhaps without that childhood, we would not know the
Conroy we know today. Even he admits that "one of the
greatest gifts you can get as a writer is to be born into an
unhappy family." ****__Cynthia K. Robertson

This novel by Pat Conroy is an amazing contemporary novel
that leads you through the life of a military family in the late
1950's. This book hits home having several family members,
two being pilots and one a marine, that have served in the
military, and it was a difficult book to put down. In many ways,
The Great Santini reminded me of my father; a man that at
times is both loved and hated by his family. Colonel Bull
Meecham is a marine fighter pilot that demands respect as the
"Great Santini" by both his family and his flight squadron. His
oldest son Ben, a senior in high school, struggles with the
relationship that he has with his father, who he hates very
much but loves and respects. If not for Lillian Meecham, wife of
the "Great Santini" and peace keeper of the household, the
harsh and sometimes abusive father would release his wrath
without a second thought. From the witty remarks of Mary
Anne to the competitiveness between Ben and his father,
Great Santini
creates a family persona that many can relate.
The Great Santini takes you through the difficulties of a year in
the life of a southern marine family after the Korean War. I
highly recommend entering the past and becoming a member
of the Meecham family by reading
The Great Santini. This
non-stop novel reaches heights of la
ughter and tears and is
well worth reading.  *****__Erin O.
About the Author
Pat Conroy's novels are populated
with domineering fathers, Southern
belles of steel, and inexorable he has
drawn on them to create
unforgettable books. He is sometimes
accused of florid prose, but he never
fails to draw attention -- and readers
-- with his passionate stories.

He is the author of eight previous
The Boo, The Water is Wide,
The Great Santini, The Lords of
Discipline, The Prince of Tides,
Beach Music, My Losing Season, and
The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes
of My Life.
He lives in Fripp Island,
South Carolina.