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After Michael Hanson saves a young woman from a violent
encounter with her abusive husband in a small Nevada town,
they attempt to find refuge in another city. But, as they flee,
the couple doesn’t realize that they’re about to be pulled into a
life-threatening adventure in an event that will change the
course of human history in less than a week.
Michael, his two brothers, and a brilliant scientist piece the
puzzle together and realize that the bizarre and frightening
changes occurring at Yellowstone National Park are simply the
tip of the iceberg, and that man is now facing something that is
truly beyond comprehension—something millions of times
more powerful than anything the Earth has seen in 65 million
years when the dinosaurs faced extinction.
The three brothers and their families are caught in a desperate
struggle to survive amidst a political cover-up and the panic
that ensues when the details of the event are revealed to the
world. The group must somehow summon the courage and
intelligence to beat the ticking time bomb that will soon convert
the United States into a wasteland and claim over a billion
human lives worldwide
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The Edge of Forever
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The most catastrophic event in human history was less than a
week away, and nothing could stop it? Something that would
make all previous bloody battles, natural disasters, famines,
and plagues seem trivial in comparison; something that hadn’t
shown its ugly face for at least 65 million years; something that
mankind was not meant to survive. Jeff Chimenti gives us
some of the answers in his bright new novel
The Edge of
A welcome new read--Well done. *****__Barbara A.

Jeff S. Chimenti, MD, lives in  Woodlands,
Texas, with his three sons, Michael, Steve,
and Mark. He is the founding partner of
Texas Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists,
P.A. and enjoys his busy medical and
surgical practice. Although he spends much
of his spare time with his sons and their
activities, he has recently found time to
write his first two novels,
The Edge of
, and the sequel, The Edge of
Forever: Brink of Extinction
. His
background in science brings scary realism
to each of the stories he creates, and he
hopes to have many more unforgettable
novels released in the next few years.
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