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The Starfish People

Author:      Leann Marshall
Hardcover:            144 pages
List Price: $22.99
Paperback:             144 pages
List Price:  $14.39
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Winner of the 2008 IPPY Award for Excellence in
Independent Publishing--Silver Medal in Science
Fiction/Fantasy category.

In early summer of 1973 a restless young woman,
resentful of her crippled husband and two young children,
goes on a "night with the girls," only to find herself running
for her life...

In the same coastal town not far away, a mentally ill man
tormented by "aliens" takes refuge from a storm in his
cardboard box home...

What could these people possibly have in common?

Enter another young woman living in the distant
future--the year 2202--and struggling with a life-crippling
phobia, who makes an extraordinary choice that will soon
change all  three of their lives forever.
Spring 2009
You can time travel with her novel,  The Starfish People.  Follow
Sera as she travels back in time to find the reason for the horrific
dreams that  brings her characters to life, allowing the reader to
experience the world - past and future - through the eyes of these
characters. You won't want to put this science fiction thriller down!
*****__Albert Isaac
The future as described in The Starfish People and the character
development are what I found to be most clever and enthralling. I
became engrossed in the characters and their stories as they
related to Sera in her time travel. They seemed so real as did the
whole story! I found that I cared for and had emotions for these
characters! I read the book in one sitting and was captured from
the first chapter to the last line. The author, Leann Marshall, is a
master at taking the reader from his/her time and space to hers!
*****__Kathy Jewell
Leann Marshall's  The Starfish People  is such a wonderful writing
(recognized for excellence as the Independent Publisher Books
Awards’ Silver Medal Winner for Science Fiction/Fantasy); one
must ask just what it was that could possibly have won the gold? A
truly compulsive read leaving behind an
energy signature all its
own! *****__John E. Cashwell