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Silent Dreams  by Melissa R.
A journey along this long road had separated me from
dreams sleeping deep within, but then I met up with them
again. Now, they find voice through my writing, my poetry,
and as I continue to wander this road in search of myself,
my words will pour down through my hands and into the
ink I spill over these white pages I leave behind.

May my words touch you. Let me inspire you to give voice
to your own dreams, for all we have are our dreams to lead
us down this road that we call life.
I don't know if "Silent Dreams" will ever become famous. If
it will never be famous, I will go on trumpeting it anyway,
for it is me. *****__Melissa R. Mendelson. (Comment by
the author)

When I purchased
Silent Dreams by Melissa R.
Mendelson, I did not know that it was a book of poems. I
guess I was expecting a psychodrama of some sort. To my
special surprise and great wonderment, I discovered a
collection of poems that exceed any  among self-published
authors that I have read to date. Filled with love and hate,
sadness & melancholy, hope and promise, power and
frailty, real time and time  passed  and future time, and
always with deep, highly intuitive introspection,
affords an all new venue where one can travel
back and forth, in and out, of one’s dreams with breath
catching longing to go on and on and on.

Here are but a few of my favorite lines from all the great
poems assembled within
Silent Dreams: From White
: “And you will be left following the white chalk, line
after line.” From
Brick Stones: “As we dare to face the
dreams that beg to be lived, not buried within.” From
Pieces of Me: “ The glass bursts apart as my world
crumbles . . . and now, I’m thirsty again.” From
Vanish: “I
smash the hourglass to get some of my time back.” And
Tracing Dreams: “If he were to go now, then this is
where he would want to be, under the sun and by the
garden.” Ah, now there is a poet! *****__John E. Cashwell  
Melissa Mendelson is an up and coming
prose poetry collections,
Silent Dreams
Tears of Sand. She  also writes
short fiction and non-fiction stories,
lyrics, screenplays, and fan fiction.  Her
short story, "Far From Home" will be
released later this year, and her poems
have been included in several poetry
anthologies such as
Names in a Jar,
which can be found on Amazon and in
the online magazine,
Provoke. Her new
Touch of Winter is in progress
and her favorite links are her own
Silent Dreams and
Best of Melissa
For 28 years, I have roamed through
this world in search of myself. My life
is a pendulum that has swung from
Long Island, where I grew up, to
upstate New York, where I currently
reside. The road that I travel on is
long but no longer broken, and even if
I don't know where I am going, I still
walk on through whatever comes my
The inner scars that I carry come from those experiences
that lead me to the woman that I am now. The dreams I
The inner scars that I carry come from those experiences
keep within my heart now have a voice and a scream to be