Welcome to Literary Masters, Inc. An exclusive
and novel extension of the post-publishing world.
We are dedicated to providing an extra and
sensible add-on to the publishing experience that
will create a greater awareness of you and your

We are publicists. Not publishers! Once you have
published, we will publicize your short story, book,
poem or song here on our Web site where you will
find many cross-promotional opportunities for
published authors.
If you are a self-published author, you know how
difficult it is to build awareness about yourself and
your works.

Like you, we have been at it for a while and along
the way we decided to take an extra, sensible step
to help ourselves and you.

We do not charge for our service. We will post
your short story, novel, novella, book of poems,
or individual poem FREE, right here at LMI.

BARTER  OPTION: For books only, we will trade
signed, autographed copies of each other's works.
(Accordingly, you will have to pay market price for
any work you request on a "paid-for" reciprocal
basis if you request this option.)

We hope you'll  join us and our growing list of
authors today.
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After you learn more about us, we are
certain that you will wish to join our
"I like the concept of cross-promoting the
works of new and talented authors. I sent a
review copy of my book to Literary
Masters, Inc. Who:

  1. Reviewed it positively,
  2. Published an excerpt on their
    Web site,
  3. Gave me a list of other
    reciprocal Web sites for possible
    positive reviews,
  4. And in general increased my
    national publicity.

Thereby giving me greater options for
gathering good reviews . . ."  C. D. Rohm,
Literary Masters, Inc.
Publicists for Short Stories, Books, Poems and Songs
                                            Long Island, New York 11971
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