SPA Poems
"TILL THE COSMOS RUNS DRY" by john e. cashwell
"QING MING" by john e. cashwell
"DRIFTING" by melissa mendelson
"A WALK WITH YOU" by melissa mendekson
"CHOCOLATE DEVOID" by melissa mendelson
"CAPTAIN JOHN McGEE"  by john a. bowman, III
"A BOAT OF BIRCHEN BARK" by john a. bowman, III
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"SATISFACTION" by karen vanderlaan
"THE MEANING OF LIFE" by karen vanderlaan
"IMAGININGS" by leann marshall
"HOPE" by leann marshall
"FROM MY MOTHER'S HANDS" by alan v. galloway
"STARTING OVER" by melissa mendelson
"ICE DANCING" by jean ann morgan
"VIBRANT DAWN" by jean ann morgan
"HER HEART'S GRAVE" by barbara a. sabo
"I KNOW YOU" by barbara a. sabo
"MY MOTHER'S MAN" by alan v. galloway
"A MOTHER'S TEMPLE" by michelle z. banda
"YOU CAME FROM MY HEART" by michelle z. banda
"BY THE LAMPPOST" by michelle z. banda
"EMPTY DREAMS" by melissa mendelson