New for 2010
In his blockbuster new book, To Save America, former
Speaker of the House and bestselling author Newt Gingrich
issues a dire warning for America. By spending more than
we can afford, sacrificing conservative values for the sake
of easy answers, and electing the most liberal president
ever, America is at risk for its very survival. Thanks to
President Obama and his cohorts in Congress, we have
become a country defined by massive government
takeovers, rising debt, and failing national security
systems. “This is not the nation our Founding Fathers
envisioned,” Gingrich says, “America needs saving, and it’s
up to us to do it.”

To Save America, Gingrich lays out a bold plan to put
the United States back on track. Gingrich shows how
Republicans can make a comeback in the 2010 mid-term
elections, win the 2012 presidential election, and reveals
how readers can help restore our nation to its fundamental
values. Gingrich also argues that the big-spending, big-
government programs, and bureaucracies of the secular
socialist Left are the greatest threat to our nation’s
survival since the Civil War. “Our federal government is
broken,” Gingrich states, “we must ‘replace, not reform’
our leaders and our policies, or America will no longer be
the ‘shining city upon a hill.’” Fresh, inspiring, and resolute,
To Save America is Gingrich’s most powerful book yet.
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To Save America:   Stopping Obama's
Secular Socialist Machine
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America on the Brink:  The Obama administration is
conspiring to transform America. They want to remake our
America—of free enterprise, faith, and personal freedom
into their America—of endless bureaucracy, secularism,
and state control—despite overwhelming opposition from
the American people.

How is this possible? How has the Obama team succeeded
in adopting widely despised policies like the massive
stimulus bill and the healthcare takeover? How could such
a radical president and his congressional leaders get
elected and then take a center-right country in a socialist
direction bitterly opposed by most Americans? Former
Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has the answer: the
Left have built a secular-socialist machine out of
corruption, lust for power, and sheer ruthlessness, and are
using it to steamroll over the will of the people. In this
book, Gingrich reveals:

  • How the secular-socialist machine gained
    power             through deception and outright lies
  • How the machine shuts the American people out of
    the legislative process
  • Why some of our most powerful leaders seek to
    banish religion from public life
  • How the machine uses taxpayer money to pay off its
    supporters and punish its opponents
  • How we can replace, not reform, Obama’s socialist

Exposing the mortal threat now facing America, To Save
America offers concrete strategies for dismantling the
machine and replacing it with policies and institutions that
work. But we must act fast, Gingrich warns, or our children
will inherit a secular, socialist America transformed beyond
recognition. __From the Inside Flap.
About the Author
Newt Gingrich is the author of seven
books, including the bestsellers
Gettysburg, Contract with America,
and To Renew America. He is the CEO
of The Gingrich Group and an analyst
for the Fox News Channel. He holds a
Ph.D. in history from Tulane University