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Synopsis: The greatest nightmare for the free world
today would be a master terrorist hiding somewhere, controlling
and coordinating radical Islamic groups at the highest level around
the globe. In DUPLICITY, the newest thriller from former Speaker
of the House and bestselling author Newt Gingrich, such an
invisible hand overseeing havoc worldwide plays a major role.
Gingrich has teamed with former Washington Post reporter and
bestselling author Pete Earley to create a highly plausible mix of
domestic and global action in this ripped-from-the-headlines

And of course, it's set during an American presidential election.

When President Sally Allworth decides to reestablish America's
Mogadishu embassy in Somalia weeks before Election Day, her
challenger says she is playing politics with American lives. That
turns out to be true when the embassy is attacked and hostages are
taken. Embassy station chief Gunter Conner and Marine captain
Brooke Grant end up the unlikely survivors of this Benghazi-style
attack. Suddenly, they are the only hope for saving their captured

The firestorm of drama is compelling, set off by the intersection of
Washington power and politics, a fragile third-world Islamic
country, and Somali Americans here at home.

Only Newt Gingrich's unique in-depth knowledge of the political
realities of friend and foe could weave such a spellbinding tale of
events and personalities, one that could actually happen . . . if
America's leaders aren't wary of a world full of DUPLICITY..
Hardcover:                         464 pages
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    I have come to respect Mr. Gingrich's intellect and
knowledge over the course of many years, most recently in
observation of his political analyses as a guest on news
    As a former English teacher and lifetime reader,
DUPLICITY would be a five star novel even had the
authors been unknown prior to its publication. The fact
that its authors are experts in their fields lends to its
authenticity, and serves as a warning to all Americans who
value their freedom.
    Enemies abound within and without of the country, and
self interest and greed often cause individuals to defile the
office and the oaths they've taken, putting not only the
brave and obedient members of the military at risk, but
the country as a whole.
    The book should be read not just as entertainment, but
as instruction. Most Americans pay little, if any, attention
to world events, and I believe this is at their own peril. A
quote from the book by a behind the scenes "kingmaker"
sums up what has been made evident in recent times:
"Polls of everyday Americans had revealed a grim truth
that Lake had pounced on.
    Twenty-nine percent of Americans couldn't name the
vice president, a quarter didn't know whom the United
States had declared it independence from on July 4, 1776,
and only 40 percent could name the three branches of
government." Personally, I believe the truth to be even
more disturbing.
    The best assets of a true democracy are the individuals
within it...but only if they are truly educated in accurate
history, logic, ethics, a range of commonly endorsed values
which ensure both individual rights and a sense of unity
and God forbid, patriotism, coupled with a belief in a higher
    Unless we educate our children as to the real threats
existing in the world today, we're leading them to
slaughter. An obsession with Facebook, "selfies", online
games and drug addiction are destroying our youth. While
this novel doesn't dwell specifically on those topics, it shows
how an unknowing populace allows itself to be deluded and
    Definitely worth reading, as the plot weaves a tale that
illuminates one of the largest threats our country currently
faces, despite the politically correct crowd who fling
charges of "racist" at those who are brave enough to
acknowledge it....radical Islam. *****__Halcyon Fair
About the Authors

NEWT GINGRICH is a former Speaker of
the House and 2012 presidential
candidate. He is a Fox News contributor
and author of 28 books, including 14 New
York Times bestsellers. Newt and his wife
Callista host and produce documentary
films. Recent films include The First
American and Nine Days That Changed
the World.

PETE EARLEY is a former Washington
Post reporter and author of 13 books,
including four New York Times
bestsellers. He was a finalist for the 2007
Pulitzer Prize.