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Tales from the New York
Jets Sideline
Author:               Mark Cannazziro
Paperback:                        167 pages

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The New York Jets have not basked in an abundance of pride and
glory. Sure, they were led to the "promised land" by Joe Namath
with the stunning Super Bowl III upset victory that capped the
magical 1969 season. Since then, however, the Jets have
careened through life alternating between bumbling and
embarrassing, maddening and entertaining, while all along the
way teasing their ardent fan base so tantalizingly that, rather
sadistically, it has become a way of life.

In Tales from the Jets Sideline, author Mark Cannizzaro takes
readers on a journey, through his eyes and the eyes of the
subjects he has covered, across the maze of musings,
controversial happen stances, and occasional brilliance the Jets
have displayed during the years he has followed the franchise.

Fans will be taken through some of the crazy Bruce Coslet years
that featured a series of extreme highs and lows. Fans will also
recall Coslet's successor, Pete Carroll, who lasted only a year after
the team's late owner, Leon Hess, had a revelation by the name
of Rich Kotite while vacationing in the islands.

Jets fans will never forget Kotite, but for all of the wrong reasons.
The Jets saw some light after the colossal failed experiment that
was Kotite, and that light was Bill Parcells and his incredible band
of assistant coaches who came within 30 minutes in Denver of
bringing the Jets back to where Namath had brought them some
The Parcells era, however, proved to be as much of a tease as
anything in Jets history, because he opted not to finish the job,
leaving coaching and soon after leaving the Jets in a messy
divorce. Enter Rich Ryan the energetic fireball of a head coach
who is currently trying to make Jets fans forget about all of the
previous angst and tantalizing teases they have endured since
Joe Willie's memorable triumph.
New for 2011
If there is a theme to the book it is that the Jets, since 1993, have
been cursed with very lousy coaching, with the exception of Bill
Championship game after the 1997 season, then abandoned the
team to drift in a mire of mediocrity for another few years. But it
ends on a hopeful note with praise for current coach Rich Ryan
and quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The most interesting part of the book was the impact the
terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 had on this team and the
fact Jets players were ready to boycott a game if the NFL had not
decided to postpone the season by one week after the attacks. I
could almost add the chapters on the contentious relationship
between Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet and the surreal
episode of Bill Beleihick resigning almost immediately after being
named head coach but there was no inside information or
something new in either of these stories.

The New York Jets have a rich history and hardly any of it is
detailed here. The book doesn't even pick up the Jets story until
1993 but the team has been in existence since 1959. So there is
no Joe Namath and his guarantee of the Jets' improbable upset
win over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, the highlight of
the team's history. There's no Freeman McNeil, Wesley Walker,
Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau and their Gang Green defense.
In short, we miss out on hearing about most of the Jets greatest
moments and greatest players. ***__C. Baker
About the Author
professional football and just about
every other sport since entering the
newspaper business in 1983 as a
graduate of Ithaca College.

He has been the beat writer and
columnist covering the New York
Jets for the New York Post since
1993, chronicling the colorful
franchise's every move--from the
good and the bad to the bizarre and
the mundane.

He is also the lead golf writer for The
Post and assists in the paper's
coverage of college basketball and
Major League Baseball.

He has been a regular contributor to, Madison Square Garden
TV, and various New York and
national radio programs, including
ESPN Radio and Sporting News
Radio. He is married and splits living
time between Highlands, New Jersey,
and New York City.