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Author:                    John E. Cashwell
Paperback:                           405 pages
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  When the entire legislative body of a single political
party colludes with the mainstream editors of the daily
newspapers and anchors of the national and local
television media to boldly execute a covert coup d’état
against a properly elected American president, the evil
created by such collusion seeps into the very fabric of the
     Then, if nothing is done by the law enforcement
bodies of the nation to stop, hold accountable and punish
those responsible for such evil, the public eventually
succumbs to wanton lawlessness. Resulting in everyone
feeling that they can do whatever they like within the
law or outside of the law, and not face recrimination.
     Real-time revelations of such lawlessness, not just
newspaper reports, occur first as a few pustules here and
there across the nation where evil has gained the upper
hand upon the populous to achieve its own divine race to
the end of times. These small pockets of tyranny and
shameful cruelty can hold an entire community captive
of its evil.
     One small community grew slowly but purposefully
during 2019 at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in
North Carolina. Its story begins here.
New for 2020
           PRAISE FOR NC 141 A NOVEL:

From the mind of the popular poet and action/adventure
novelist comes this tale of horror and suspense sure to
enthrall all of Mr. Cashwell's followers. Here is a real
barn burner with flames rising from almost every page.
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About the Author
   John E. Cashwell, Sr. is the author of
the highly acclaimed six-book epic poem
Toishan, and a most recent collection of
40 poems, “Where Purple Shadows Fall.”
Set in the future, 2020-2022, his new
novels “The Justice Compulsion” and its
sequel “Sail On Silver Girl” explore the
catastrophic consequences of the growing
divisiveness in the American sociopolitical
experiment followed on by the evils of the
emergence of the Socialist International
Society within a New World Order. A
third novel in the series, “With Honor and
Distinction” is currently available at
Amazon Books.
  John has over forty years advertising,
marketing and copy writing experience,
most notably responsible for helping to
launch the Panasonic brand to consumers
in North America. A former US Marine, a
graduate of Duke University, and a
former General Manager at Panasonic
Corporation of North America, John lives
on Long Island where he enjoys writing,
fitness training and golf with his wife of
fifty-four years, Ann M. Cashwell
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