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A Son of the Game . . . a
story of golf, going home, and
sharing life's lessons
Authors:                     Fred Raphael
                             Don Wade
Hardcover:                       159 pages

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A very funny book, full of humorous anecdotes, about the
best made-for-television golf show ever - "Shell's
Wonderful World of Golf". The book also details the that
New for 2011
About the Authors
Fred Raphael is a legendary TV
writer, director and producer.

Don Wade, a former senior editor at
"Golf Digest," is the author of the nine
golf-story collections in the Arnie..."
series. Covering professional Arnie..."
series. Covering professional golf
since the 1970s, he has worked as a
feature writer for CBS Sports and
NBC Sports and as a golf analyst for
the USA Network. His writing has
appeared in numerous publications,
including the" New York Times" and
the "Boston Globe."
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