Poetry and Short Stories by Marcia Townsend
                           (a.k.a. Marcia Miller-Twiford)
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    A fifth-generation native Californian, born in Southern California, I currently
    live in the coastal mountain region of Northern California close to the wine
    countries of Napa, Sonoma and Mendicino. I’m the widowed mother of a grown
    son and daughter.

    In addition to poetry I write short stories, am a freelance writer for my local
    newspaper, and I am working on a novella which is due for publication in 2009

    Most of my poetry is written in free verse. I choose free verse as did Robert
    Frost, Ezra Pound, and Walt Whitman, and as my favorite poet, Rod McKuen,
    does. My poetry comes from my heart and the depths of my soul; I believe that
    to be true of all poets. All said and done I write as I do because I must.

    My book of poetry and short stories Reach for the Moon written under my
    maiden name, Marcia Townsend, published by Publish America, is available for
    purchase through several sources. For more information please CLICK HERE.

The poems and short stories in this book are mostly
chronicles of the author’s life but some are inspired by
her imagination. She leaves it to her readers to decide
which is which. Life can be joyful and heartbreaking.
It’s not for the timid. It’s a learning experience and
sometimes the lessons are tough.

Always eager for the new, Marcia Townsend (a.k.a.
Marcia Miller-Twiford) grabs at life as if it were a
runaway kite, lets it take her where it will, then writes
about her experiences. When her son was facing a decision
he asked for advice. The only advice she gave him was,
“Reach for the moon, my son; the least you’ll come up
with is a handful of stars.” Hence, at his suggestion, the
title of this book
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A single poem or story by Marcia Townsend (a.k.a. Marcia
Miller-Twiford) can take a reader into depths of literary
grace, beauty, and wisdom that few ever expect to
encounter simply by giving their attention to words. With
that in mind, it takes little to imagine how thrilling one
may find it to sit down with this aptly titled volume,
Reach For The Moon and blissfully enjoy one page after
another, not only achieving that poetic flight to the moon,
but traveling far beyond into glittering galaxies of the
author's mind, heart, and soul. *****__Aberjhani

Marcia Townsend's (a.k.a. Marcia Miller-Twiford) book,
Reach For the Moon is an outstanding achievement! She
has taken the straw of everyday and spun it into beautiful
images, with her golden words. This is a book I will read
often and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves
poetry and short stories. I know that some of her poetry
will always be with me now for the wisdom I found within
them! *****__Betty L. Hebert
Reach for the Moon:
Poetry and Short Stories
Author:                  Marcia Townsend
Paperback:                            116 pages

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