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NEW REVIEWS:  Geese, Cash, where did you find Frank Bosworth? Something else, huh?
From Cowboys and Indians to spider Monks. Whew. I closed my eyes and I was
right there . . .  in the audience. Front row, center. Scared the bajesus out of me right up
to the end. Mr. Bosworth obviously knows his way around the theater. Nice job, Frank W.
Bosworth. ****__Captain Apple Jack

I liked this piece, although I do not consider it a short story.[
Captain Apple Jack . . . now
there is a short story writer!] Anyway, I think this piece would make a good theatrical short.
Well staged, well written, and genuinely scary right up to the end, which was somewhat of a
letdown to me because of how well it had been presented up to that point. Monk II setting
Monk I on fire would have been a better ending for me. You are a refreshing addition to LMI,
Mr. Bosworth. Hope to see more from you here soon. ****__
Su Chang-Wu.

I'm with the Captain on this one. Scared the bajesus out of me too. I was carried away into
the theater of the piece right from the start. And it held me until the end, which I felt was a
gas. Good job, Frank, and welcome to Literary Masters, Inc.  ****__Alan V. Galloway.
                                       “Monk Funk”
                                           By Frank W. Bosworth
                                                   Thursday, May 26, 2016
                                                   Rated "G" by the Author.
                                      A  short, intense skit written for the stage.  

Stage setting ~ A grand stone staircase, wide at the start, narrowing up to the ninth step,
runs along the stone textured back wall.

A figure enters the darkened area from stage left, holding a long, tapered rod, a flame flicks
from the end. The figure moves to staircase, ascends step one ~ stops ~ lighting the first
candle on the wall-mounted sconce. Dim lighting comes up showing, shadowing, a fully
robed, hooded Monk. With robe so long, hood so full, neither feet nor nose is visible.

A chorus of whispered tones ease in, overtaking the heavy omnipresent silence. The sound
could very well be the Gods themselves.

The Monk moves up to step two ~ stops ~ lights second candle. Lighting comes up a shade

A second Monk, as fully robed and hooded as the first, enters from stage right ~ stops ~
then moves, glides to the staircase.

Monk One moves up to step three ~ stops ~ lights third candle. Monk Two stands at foot of
staircase. Monk One moves up to step four ~ stops ~ lights fourth candle. Monk Two
ascends step one.

Whispered tones have grown to intense chant.

Monk One moves on to step five ~ stops ~ lights fifth candle. Vocal strains pitch to near
demonic chant. Monk Two leans in to first candle's glow, chant suddenly stops ~ poof ~ the
first candle flame is gone.

Monk One affected, but unsure, moves up to step six ~ stops ~ lights sixth candle. Faint
chanting begins again. Monk Two moves up to step two ~ poof ~ second flame vanishes.

Monk One cautiously turns, looks down as Monk Two moves up to step three, leans in to
candles glow ~ poof ~ flame three falls.

Chanting floods back in. Monk One moves up to step seven ~ stops ~ looks back as Monk
Two moves on to step four ~ poof ~ flame four is no more. Monk One turns back, lights
candle seven.

In carbon copy unison, Monk One moves on to step eight, Monk Two up to step five. Monk
One lights candle eight, Monk Two ~ poof ~ flame five is kaput.

Music continues to grow in chanting intensity. Monk One moves on to step nine where
there is no candle to light ~ stops. Monk Two to step six ~ stop ~ poof! To step seven ~
stop ~ poof!

Monk One turns, watches, rod shaking, flame dancing a frenzied jig. Monk Two ~ poof ~
candle eight out. Chanting pounds a rhythmic ritual. With flaming rod flicking inches
between the hoods, all chanting abruptly ceases as Monk One lets out a resounding,

"It's my birthday." Monk Two ~ poofs ~ Monk One's flame.



2016 Frank W. Bosworth  [All Rights Reserved]