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"Massive illegal immigration from Mexico into California,"
Victor Davis Hanson writes, "coupled with a loss of
confidence in the old melting pot model of transforming
newcomers into Americans, is changing the very nature of
this challenge, both failing to control our borders with Mexico
and to integrate the new alien population into our

Part history, part political analysis, and part memoir,
Mexifornia is an intensely personal work by one of our most
important writers. Hanson is perhaps known best for his
military histories and especially his social commentary about
America and its response to terror after 9/11. But he is also a
fifth-generation Californian who runs a family farm in the
Central Valley and has written eloquent elegies for the
decline of the small farm such as
Fields Without Dreams and
The Land Was Everything.

Like these books,
Mexifornia is an intensely personal look at
what has changed in California over the last quarter century.
In this case, however, Hanson's focus is on how not only
California, the Southwest, and indeed the entire nation has
been affected by America's hemorrhaging borders and how
those hurt worst are the Mexican immigrants themselves. A
large part of the problem, Hanson believes, comes from the
opportunistic coalition that stymies immigration reform and,
even worse, stifles an honest discussion of a growing problem.
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Mexico according to ethnic lobbyists and ideologues is good. Illegal
Immigrant's 'do jobs Americans won't do'. But at what cost to
California? Which houses three of largest sanctuary cities in the
nation - San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. California
operates in massive deficits as its social services are stretched,
prisons are bulging with criminal illegals and once top ranked 1-12k
public school system now operates in the bottom of nation. The
author looks at both sides of this divisive issue and offers a optimistic
hope for his home state. *****__Anonymous
Hanson is a 4th generation Californian who grew up under the old
assimilationist model of the 50's and 60's when English was the
official language. Any cockiness from a Latino migrant would have
been answered this way: "If it really is so good over there, why don't
you go back?" That doesn't happen anymore.

He describes the irony of Latino migration northward to freedom,
only to assume here the same tribalist, statist values they fled. These
values are enforced by the Movement and assisted by American
benevolence and self-loathing. "Malinchismo," the supposed
American betrayal of the Mexican people, is readily believable to an
American public indoctrinated with guilt in their own public schools.
****__Apples of Gold

Hanson's primary worry is steadily rising illegal immigration into a
welfare state with expanding entitlement's and waning commitment
to the history and virtues of Western civilization, an admittedly
imperfect, coercive consensus that nonetheless held together a
uniquely successful, multi ethnic nation. The emerging Mexifornia is
becoming "not quite Mexico and not quite America either."
****__Frederick R. Lynch
Victor Davis Hanson is Professor of
Greek and Director of the Classics
Program at California State
University, Fresno. He is the author or
Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical
Education and the Recovery of Greek
Wisdom (with John Heath, Free Press,
1998), and The Soul of Battle (Free
Press, 1999).

In 1992 he was named the most
outstanding undergraduate teacher of
classics in the nation.
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