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Liberty and Tyranny a conservative
Author:                            Mark R. Levin
Hardcover:                              256 pages
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Author and conservative talk radio host Mark Levin (Rescuing
Sprite, Men in Black) takes on the Statistision, a liberal straw
man, in this collection of polemics against left-wing tenets like
economic and social justice, touchstones like the New Deal and
institutions and strongholds of liberal thought like academia and
the mainstream media.

With "an insatiable appetite for control" and a veil of "moral
indignation," Levin finds the Statist not only in congressional
Democrats and President Obama's White House, but in
"Neo-Statist" like compassionate conservative Michael Gerson,
and the Fed and Treasury under G.W. Bush.

Many of Levin's arguments reiterate familiar tropes, including a
"strict constructionist" view of the Constitution that sees Social
Security as patently Un-American. Predictably, Levin opposes
the extension of health benefits, derides global warming
(implicating Obama's "global warming czar" as a leader in "the
Socialist International's Commission for a Sustainable World
Society"), and fights back against immigrants, whom the Statist
portrays "as universally more virtuous than the citizen."

For those new to the Tea Party, Levin offers a handy roundup of
conservative talking points, but anyone paying attention to talk
radio over the past few years won't learn anything new.
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New for 2010
In general, the louder someone complains, the closer you are to
the truth. I anticipate numerous ad ho minim 'reviews' from
Liberty & Tyranny

For too long, Conservatives have let themselves be defined by
the media. Mr. Levin's book recasts what it is to be a proud
Conservative, and gives voice to those who are often silent in the
face of ideological slander. If you believe in this great country, if
you believe in truth and honesty, if you believe in life and
principles, if you believe in freedom and patriotism, if you believe
that all people are created equal and it is up to the individual to
succeed according to their talents and interests, and if you believe
in a smaller efficient government, and lower taxes, then this book
is for you. ****__ Anna "Anna"

I've been a Democrat for as long as I can remember. I am not a
far left liberal, or a "Statist" as Mark would say. I do wonder
though if Mark thinks all Democrats are Statist. I consider myself
a Democrat simply because I am a little left of center; I am more
conservative when it comes to fiscal matters and liberal when it
comes to social issues.

But as a Democrat, I enjoyed this book and I urge other people
who may not see themselves as Conservatives to have an open
mind and read this book. It is very well written and Mr. Levin
makes many great points. If you're not a Conservatives, this book
will not change your views overnight, so don't worry. Also, this
book is not "Republican propaganda" as other reviewers, who
probably didn't read the book, have labeled it. However, this
book might open your eyes to things you never thought of before.
After reading this book, I do have much more respect for true
Conservative principles that Mr. Levin outlines. This was a good
read. ****__ Christopher M. Capone

About The Author: Talk radio
host and president of Landmark Legal
Foundation. Mark Levin has
also worked as an attorney in the
private sector and as a top adviser and
administrator to several members of
President Reagan's cabinet.

He is the author of the #1 New York
Times bestselling book Liberty and
Tyranny, as well as New York Times
bestselling books Rescuing Sprite and
Men in Black: How the Supreme Court
Is Destroying America, Mark holds a
B.A. from Temple University and a J.D.
from Temple University School of Law.