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Laura Bush  Spoken from the Heart
Author:                                 Laura Bush
Hardcover:                             464 pages
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In this brave, beautiful, and deeply personal memoir, Laura
Bush, one of our most beloved and private first ladies, tells
her own extraordinary story.

Born in the boom-and-bust oil town of Midland, Texas, Laura
Welch grew up as an only child in a family that lost three babies
to miscarriage or infant death. She vividly evokes Midland's
brash, rugged culture, her close relationship with her father,
and the bonds of early friendships that sustain her to this day.
For the first time, in heart-wrenching detail, she writes about
the devastating high school car accident that left her friend
Mike Douglas dead and about her decades of unspoken grief.

When Laura Welch first left West Texas in 1964, she never
imagined that her journey would lead her to the world stage
and the White House. After graduating from Southern
Methodist University in 1968, in the thick of student rebellions
across the country and at the dawn of the women's movement,
she became an elementary school teacher, working in
inner-city schools, then trained to be a librarian. At age thirty,
she met George W. Bush, whom she had last passed in the
hallway in seventh grade. Three months later, "the old maid of
Midland married Midland's most eligible bachelor."

With rare intimacy and candor, Laura Bush writes about her
early married life as she was thrust into one of America's most
prominent political families, as well as her deep longing for
children and her husband's decision to give up drinking. By
1993, she found herself in the full glare of the political spotlight.
But just as her husband won the Texas governorship in a
stunning upset victory, her father, Harold Welch, was dying in

In 2001, after one of the closest elections in American history,
Laura Bush moved into the White House. Here she captures
presidential life in the harrowing days and weeks after 9/11,
when fighter-jet cover echoed through the walls and security
scares sent the family to an underground shelter. She writes
openly about the White House during wartime, the withering
and relentless media spotlight, and the transformation of her
role as she began to understand the power of the first lady. One
of the first U.S. Officials to visit war-torn Afghanistan, she also
reached out to disease-stricken African nations and tirelessly
advocated for women in the Middle East and dissidents in
Burma. She championed programs to get kids out of gangs and
to stop urban violence. And she was a major force in rebuilding
Gulf Coast schools and libraries post-Katrina. Movingly, she
writes of her visits with U.S. Troops and their loved ones, and
of her empathy for and immense gratitude to military families.
New for 2010
bedrooms for presidents and their wives to the antics of some
White House guests and even a few members of Congress. She
writes with honesty and eloquence about her family, her public
and her personal tribulations. Laura Bush's compassion, her
sense of humor, her grace, and her uncommon willingness to
bare her heart make this story revelatory, beautifully
rendered, and unlike any other first lady's memoir ever

Inspirational Memoir: April 21, 2010: "spoken from the heart"
is a  fascinating, in depth memoir by former first lady Laura
Bush which is very hard to put down. What makes this so
special is it gives an insiders' account of so many famous and
historical events.  Including her husbands political races and
run for the presidency in 1999.  There's  life in the White House
and 911 and the war in Iraq too.  Mrs. Bush shares her faith
and her love of literature and family. It is really interesting to
learn more about some of the other Bush family members as
they might be contemplating  future political careers.  Great
historical book, great gift idea for friend or family member. It is
both an honor and a delight to read
Laura Bush, Spoken from
the Heart

About The Author: Laura Bush
has always been passionate about
reading. She is an Honorary
Ambassador for the UN Literary Decade,
she hosted the first-ever White House
Conference on Global Literacy in 2006 to
encourage international cooperation and
build free societies through literacy. In
2001 she joined with the Library of
Congress to launch the first National
Book Festival in Washington, D.C. As
First Lady of Texas, Mrs. Bush founded
the statewide Texas Book Festival in
1995. She taught in Dallas, Houston, and
Austin public schools. This is her first
picture book.  Poignant!