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"The Schooner Breaks Free"

The Schooner breaks free, the boat is adrift
Our paradise home, we feel a miss
Of clear Blue Sea, the golden sand we are so fond
Our captain is not on board, our heart has fallen gone

The bat, the ball, the mitt and gear
The coaching, the sternness, the distant cheer
We will miss our paradise, the captain cannot be replaced
I look around, So much empty space

Out to sea we wallow, no direction or mite
I reach back for my captain, his hand not in sight
The fear, the panic, the anger and remorse
What do we do now… how do we get back on course?

A voice around, a whisper I hear
Stay calm, my son… your mind will clear
The sea is grand and open for you
Take what I’ve taught you and bring the schooner to new

The waters turn nasty, panic abounds
All the screaming, such a heart stopping sound
The storm has escalated, we fear the worst
The schooner is beaten, the ship is bound to burst

A crash, A bang, the ship is hit hard
Water over the bow, the mast a shard
The situation grows dire, We think all the worse
I hear that voice again, the captain in verse

Stay calm, my son, find your bearing
Weight your options, steady your steering
Take a moment to breath; recall all that I have spoken
The vessel is hurt but not yet entirely broken

My hands are shaking, my back full of sweat
Everyone on board emotions must vet
Where are we now, where will we go?
I hear that voice again, his wisdom a glow

The storm begins to wane, now’s the precious time
Gather your crew, discuss what you find
Bring back some order, make a list
For you and the crew are no longer a miss

Your journey is not over, the sea lies ahead
You’ve endured a battle, keep hold of your head
I’ve taught you all you need, straighten your back
Now sail this ship, do not look back

My visions and thoughts are difficult to see
How can I equal what has been given to me
Where do I start, how do I comprehend
The more I think, the more I yearn for the end

The seas grows calm, the sun sets in the distant
Time slows to a crawl, I look up at the crescent
A deep breath, my heart begins to settle
I now see the captain, his crooked smile abettles

What lessons have we learned, what wisdom do we bestow?
So much time has passed, the experiences a bright glow
What would the captain do, how would he proceed?
A plan of some sort, we must nurture the seed

I hear the captain’s accent again, the voice is faint
I’ll miss you all very much, your images I can paint
But don’t wait around for me, As I have been blessed
Take what I’ve taught you and share it with the rest

By Jeffrey P. Cunningham (March 2012)
In Memory of My Father, John Bruce Cunningham
Author:        Jeffrey Cunningham
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"The Schooner Breaks Free"
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"The Schooner Breaks Free" is a lovely and moving poem from the
pen of an accomplished poet. It is obvious that Jeffrey Cunningham
has a gift. I hope he will continue to offer new writings soon. I would
like to read them all. We are hoping for more, Jeffrey. ****__Su
Chang Wu

Hello Jeff, and welcome to LMI the one website that has helped
hundreds of self-starters like me find a place to rest my head. I am
not a poet. I write short stories. But I can recognize a poet when I
read one. Having lost my father at an early age, "The Schooner
Breaks Free" is already one of my favorite poems. Good job, and
keep going. Send us more of your writings, right here at LMI.
You're going to like the way they treat you. Like the CEO of the
Men's Warehouse . . . I guarantee it! *****__Captain Apple Jack

This ia a moving and memorable tribute to the human family. A
son's final conversation with his father gives me renewed
confidence in just what ties a family together. By our very genes
and the will to share that which binds us together, we are bound.
Thank God for fathers and sons like John and Jeff Cunningham.
And thank you so much Jeffrey for being the wonderful son that
you are . . .  and for sharing*****__Jean Ann Morgan
between father and son, all of these
apply. It renews my spirit. I lost my
father eight years ago in Iraq. He
died a hero to me too. I wish I had
written something like this for him.
But I don't know how. Thanks,
Jeffrey! ****__Sally Marks

I am ashamed to say how long it took
me to write my first short story. I
thought no one would like anything I
ever wrote. Then I found LMI. Or
they found me. And now I'm
completing my first novel. "The
Schooner Breaks Free" is so much
farther advanced than any of my first
works. Jeffrey Cunningham is a new,
powerful, refreshing voice to be
reckoned with. God job,
Jeff!****__David M. Ackerman

Hi Jeffrey,
Thank you so much for your moving
eulogy for your father. "The Schooner
Breaks Free" is a beautiful poem, but  
even more a work of art from the
heart. I can see from the reviews that
you are already a big hit at LMI, so
let me add my applause. And please
keep on writing, Jeff. You have talent
yet to be fully tapped.****__ Sonya
The Schooner Breaks Free is a beautiful and enduring  
memorial poem written by a son on the eve of his father's
death. It captures eloquently all of the love that has been
shared over eons by fathers and sons.

"That night I just sat there pen in hand and it all came rushing
out." Jeffrey Cunningham upon contemplating his father's

Penned by the hand of a mournful son at a moment of divine
The Schooner Breaks Free will touch the reader’s  
mind and heart when remembering . . .  again and again.
Contd:**** Average Author
Review: Write an online review  
HERE   and share your thoughts
with other authors.