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“Safe space” stickers on office doors at the Naval Academy.
Officers apologizing for “micro aggressions” against Air Force
cadets. An Army “gender integration study” urging an end to
“hyper-masculinity” in combat-arms units. Power Point
presentations teaching commanders about “male pregnancy.”
A cover-up, as senior officials placed their thumbs on the scales
to ensure the success of the first female candidates at the
Army’s legendary Ranger School. These are just a few of the
examples documented in this explosive book," Stand Down":
How Social Justice Warriors are Sabotaging the U.S. Military
by former Army Captain, Afghanistan veteran, and attorney
James Hasson.  

Hasson exposes the relentless campaign by  Obama
administration ideologues to remake the culture and policies of
the U.S. Military, even over the explicit objections of military
leaders. He presents evidence—drawn from government
documents and exclusive interviews with more than forty
sources, including high-ranking officers and Pentagon insiders
that progressive activists in the Obama Administration used
the U.S. Military as their preferred vehicle to advance the
progressive agenda. The stories paint a troubling picture of
what happens when left wing political operatives impose a
political agenda on our nation’s military: they render our forces
less effective, place our military men and women in greater
danger, and compromise the military’s sole objective: to
protect America by winning the nation’s wars.

“Military readiness” is a term politicians and pundits often use
in the abstract to describe our military’s ability to defeat its
adversaries. But it ultimately describes how well we have
prepared and equipped a young soldier or sailor to prevail over
an enemy determined to do them harm. Hasson makes a
compelling case that our nation has moral obligation to ensure
that the sons and daughters it sends to war have the best
possible chance of victory—which means we must embrace
only the policies that help us win wars and reject those that
don’t. Political agendas of any kind invite corruption. They
jeopardize lives and undermine the mission. They have no
place in military policy—a principle that the Obama
administration either disdained or failed to understand.
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"James is a terrific reporter, and this account of the effort to
shape our military to reflect left-wing social values rather than
the priorities of readiness and capability is vital."
***** —BEN
SHAPIRO, bestselling author of The Right Side of History and
host of The Ben Shapiro Show

"Stand Down is a must-read for anyone who wants to
understand how progressives have forced radical changes on
our military—no matter how much harm it does to combat
*****— MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, bestselling
coauthor of Justice on Trial

"James Hasson makes a powerful and convincing case in this
exceptionally well-written book. "Stand Down" is a scathing
indictment of the Obama administration’s misuse of the
military as a vehicle for progressive social change at the
expense of men and women in uniform."
PARNELL, Army combat veteran and New York Times
bestselling author of Outlaw Platoon
About the Author
James Hasson, a former captain in the
U.S. Army, is a graduate of the University
of Notre Dame and the University of
Virginia School of Law. He graduated
from U.S. Army Ranger School and
received the Bronze Star Medal in
Afghanistan. He has worked with
members of Congress on military issues,
appeared on media programs from
Tucker Carlson Tonight to National Public
Radio, and is a frequent contributor to
The Washington Examiner, The
Federalist, and other publications