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A genuinely friendly new book written for anyone who is
planningon visiting the Caribbean. Any  traveler should
read this book before they go. Having been born in
Barbados the islands are very similar in their outlook
and customs. For anyone ever having been there it will
bring back many fine memories with
a healthy chuckle or two.
Paperback:                                304 pages
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Hurricanes & Hangovers . . . And
Other Tall Tales And Loose Lies From
the Coconut Telegraph
Literary Masters, Inc.
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Wild and charming! If you've not yet been exposed to
the humor of Miss Mermaid, then you're in for a treat!
This wild and wacky selection of her tales from the
Caribbean will have you rolling on the floor laughing!
Meet a host of unique, intriguing characters... Jungle Jim
who advertises outings with his "Charter the Derelict!"
cards... Da-Fema-Mon, flummoxed by islanders' lack of
addresses, house numbers, shoes, and other hilarious
irregularities, finally gives up and goes total island
bonkers... Grace Klutz, a wild and wacky import... and
numerous other delightful, colorful folks who bring you
miles of smiles... Well, as the author says, "Mon, d'is
island life be something different!" And so it is! For a fun
read, with a dose of bawdiness and badness, take a sip of
Miss Mermaid's little island masterpiece. You won't
regret it!****__Linda P.

Miss Mermaid's stories in "Hurricanes and Hangovers"
are humorous but honest accounts of island life. Her
writing is entertaining - the laugh out loud type of humor
that have fans waiting for her next book. Fortunately we
can get small doses of Miss Mermaids wit and humor
from her daily (Elec-Tricky Permitting) blog either at or on the Tortola page of Buy 2 - This book makes a great gift!
****__Jean Ann

We stumbled on the elusive Miss Mermaid while
weather and accommodations. Sailing friends had piqued
our interest in visiting the island through their own
description of their adventures both ashore and at sea.
Our Caribbean visits are few and unfortunately far
between so a mistake is a real downer.

Miss Mermaid's daily (well, almost, subject to the hard
working employees of the island's Elec-Ticky company)
blog confirmed our choice and the only question now is
how soon can we return. Not soon enough, but
Hurricanes and Hangovers is the next best thing to bring
us back vicariously to life in the BVI's lovely
environment. Written with humor, insight, intelligence
and sensitivity, anyone who has visited these islands, or
would like to, will enjoy this book.****__Tortola Envy  
Mar 21, 2014
correspondent for StormCarib.Com
(Tortola BVI page) and was writing daily
posts for them long before the word "blog"
was even invented.

Her humorous takes on island life quickly
made her daily postings a popular read for
folks around the world.

Her first book was a limited edition
Cookbook "Fine Fare with Flair" which
included funny anecdotes and stories, right
in the middle of recipes. Proceeds from
that book were used to rebuild her
hurricane ravaged sailboat. Readers
encouraged her to keep writing.

Eventually she wrote "Hurricanes and
Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose
lies from the coconut telegraph)" where
names have been changed to protect the

She is currently working on three more
books, and resides in the Caribbean with
her cats, who sometimes have to step in to
write her daily posts and blogs when she is
unwell or busy.

Recently, tragedy landed her in the
hospital and someone brought her laptop
for her to use since the ceiling she was
staring at had such poor graphics. She
began writing a hospital blog, that was
both honest and hilarious at times.
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