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Paul Cullen, a naive reporter, stumbles into the Media lime
light while covering a string of murders in the city. As life would
have it, this young man learns more about the inner workings
of the Mayor's Office and the devious criminals that govern the
local streets than he could ever learn from college. The young
reporter is ill prepared to deal with the events that start
unfolding on his night shift and is quickly overwhelmed by the
ambitious, calculating brutality of the city's quiet meetings and
backdoor deals. Emotionally haunted by the frightening reality
that surrounds him, Paul finds hope in an unlikely ally - the
daughter of a slain victim - Ellen Moran.

Struggling together to survive, they attempt to discover the
bloody truth behind a serial killer's motives and the incumbent
Mayor's battle to keep his political career alive. A career that
lives and breathes on the television screens of the city's voters
and becomes the only tool the young couple have to fight with.
Author:              K. J. Ashton
Hardcover:            204 pages
List Price: $14.99           

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K. J. Ashton's new book is truly right out of today's headlines.
Living and working near Washington, DC, the plot is very
recognizable. It goes on continually here. But for much higher
stakes, now in the $trillions. Oh well, give or take a few $billion.
How quickly we adjust to the next highest number. Hummm, let's
see . . .$quadrillion? Yeah, that sounds good. A well written book.
Welcome to the best Website ever, author! ****__Su Chang-Wu.
K.J. Aston is a name derived from all
those whom put forth the effort to
make this novel a reality.
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