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How The Left Thrives On
Hate And Wants to silence Us
Author:                 Donald Trump, Jr.
Hardcover:                         304 pages
List Price:            $17.98
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This is the book that the leftist elites don't want you to
read -- Donald Trump, Jr, exposes all the tricks that the
left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of
the public square, from online "shadow banning" to fake
accusations of "hate speech." No topic is spared from
political correctness. "Triggered"  is the book that the
leftist elites don't want you to read!

Trump, Jr.  writes about the importance of fighting back
and standing up for what you believe in. From his
childhood summers in Communist Czechoslovakia that
began his political thought process, to working on
construction sites with his father, to the major
achievements of President Trump's administration,
Donald Trump, Jr. spares no details and delivers a book
that focuses on success and perseverance, and proves
offense is the best defense.
New for 2019
We are SENIOR citizens. So, we have seen years of
Washington  D.C. trash come and go. That is why we are
especially pleased and consider it a great honor to live at
a time when your father is President of the United
States of America. God bless President Trump and
Melania. God Bless you and each member of your
extended family. Your new book is a must read for
anyone concerned about the future safety and greatness
of America.
****___Ann and John Cashwell, Sr.
About the Author
 Donald Trump, Jr. is the eldest son of
President Donald J. Trump. He is
Executive Vice President at Trump
Organization, where he has overseen
major construction projects in New
York City, Chicago, Las Vegas and
numerous countries internationally.

During the 2016 presidential election,
he became a sought-after speaker on
politics, Republican fundraiser, and
played a major role in Donald Trump's
2016 campaign. Trump, Jr. is an avid
outdoors man and when he's not on
the campaign trail he can be found on
streams and in the mountains all over
the world. He is also an active and
loving father of 5 young children.
Donald Jr. holds a Bachelor's degree in
Finance and Real Estate from the
Wharton School of Finance at the
University of Pennsylvania.