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Jessi Colter/Waylon Jennings

"Out Of The Rain"

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Out of the rain, under the shelter

I've been so long where the sun don't shine

Standin' at the cross-roads

Could've went either way

But now I've found you

And the storm is behind

(Out of the rain, out of the rain)

Over the wall, I'm out in the open

Back on the right track, I'm feeling no pain

You took a Sparrow and let it fly with the Eagles

I can see a long ways, I can feel love again

(Out of the rain, out of the rain, yeah)

There was a time I was taking no prisoners

Standin' with a cold heart, standin' alone (all alone)

It took your sweet love (sweet love)

To pull me out of the canyon

I believe that I can make it now (I can make it, yeah)

I feel I belong

(Out of the rain, out of the rain, yeah)

(Out of the rain, out of the rain, Lord)

Out Of The Ashes:

Artists:      Jessi Colter/Waylon
Jennings/Shooter Jennings

Lyricists:  Jessi Colter/Waylon
Jennings/Shooter Jennings

Product details:
Style: Coubtry/Gospel/Blues


1.         His Eye Is On The Sparrow  4:00
2.         You Can Pick 'Em 4:09
3.         Starman 4:37    
4.         The Phoenix Rises 4:38    
5.         Out Of The Rain (Jessi Colter/ Waylon
Jennings) 4:47                      
6.         Velvet And Steel 4:46    
7.         Rainy Day Women 4:27    
8.         You Took Me By Surprise 4:37    
9.         So Many Things 2:57   
10.      The Canyon 4:20    
11.       Never Got Over You 3:55    
12.       Please Carry Me Home   (Jessi Colter/
Shooter Jennings) 5:51              
All Music Guide

On her first new solo recording in more than
20 years, Jessi Colter shows the effects of
time on her now-husky voice, offering
poignant and pointed original songs
delivered with the empathy and wisdom of
another towering female artist who has
lived life in full measure.

This isn't merely a good record; it's the best
record Colter's ever made, leaving her hit
Capitol recordings of yore in the dust.

Produced by Don Was (who also sits in on
stand-up bass) and supported by a crack
band that includes guitarist Reggie Young,
pedal steel master Robbie Turner, sax
player Jim Horn, and, most notably, pianist
Barry Robertson, Colter effortlessly assays
gospel, blues, and country styles as if to the
manner born.

Some of the most resonant moments have a
gospel flavor, from the country-church
treatment of "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" to
secular numbers washed in the spirit, such
as the captivating textured "Out of the
Rain" (with hushed vocal cameos by Colter's
late, lamented husband, Waylon Jennings,
and Tony Joe White, plus house-wreckin'
shouts from the Greater Apostolic Christ
Temple Choir). On the sultry country ballad
"You Took Me by Surprise,"
Jessi Colter does on the album closer, "Please Carry Me
Home," a whisper-to-a-scream entreaty co-written by Colter
and her son Shooter Jennings, who also contributes a
searing, soul-baring vocal the likes of which we have not
heard from him before. That's just scratching the surface.
Out of the Ashes is one for the ages.
***** David McGee