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The Bradford Conspiracy
Author:                       Joseph Fields
Paperback:                       250 pages
List Price:         $14.99
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The Bradford Conspiracy is about an unquenched thirst
for money and power, and the men who will stop at nothing
to accumulate it. In the tradition of John Le Carre and Ian
The Bradford Conspiracy is a no-holds barred, non-
stop thrill ride of political conspiracy, espionage, and intrigue.
Ex- C.I.A. super-agent Matt Case is secretly hired by
President Bradford to find his kidnapped son, Julian. While
kidnappers misdirect Bradford and law enforcement, Matt
hones in on Julian’s real location, but not before master
conspirator, oil tycoon Grantland Tyler, can implement his
plan to turn Bradford’s own spawn against him, as a weapon
of destruction. Matt must act quickly, before Julian is
unleashed on an unsuspecting public, destined toward a
deadly reunion with his father.
New for 2009
Joseph Fields has written an exciting action-adventure that will not
disappoint lovers of political thrillers, or spy fans. If you like James
Bond, then you’ll love Matt Case. *****__John Apple Bowman, III

This is a great book. I started reading, not quite sure what I was
getting into. Then I had to set the book down because I'm a wimp and
couldn't take the tension, but then I'd have to pick it up again,
because I needed
to know what happened. I am looking for more books from this
author-but next time I'm starting the book on the weekend.
*****__A. Cofell

Detrimental to sleep. You may read all night. Not sure you are going
to be with us for long. My thought is KBR, Halliburton why even
Richard Chaney himself will be out to get you after this read. Good
story fact or fiction.*****__Michael S. Fields