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NEW REVIEWS: Geese, Cash. Lighten up a little. The whole damn country is not going
to the dogs. Just that part of it that we won't miss anyway. Actually, a truly fine piece of allegorical writing.
Your right; it is us who will make things better in the long run. We just got a little disoriented along this way.
Good read! Needs to be read more than once to appreciate its  full meaning. *****__Captain Apple Jack

I don't understand this story. Are we being punished by God? Are we being punished by ourselves? What is
the punishment anyway? I Think things are just fine and we are back on the right track now. At least they
are here in Georgetown. Maybe the author should move. Disappointed! *__Su Chang.

Grow up! There is plenty wrong with this country today. I have often been accused of being a worrier. At
my age why should I worry? I'll be gone in a few years anyway. Well, that may be true, but I have children
and grandchildren that I worry about. I grew up in an America that was a wonderful, special place for the
most part. I long for a time my grandchildren might know such a country, but I fear  their country will be
starkly different. And not for the better unless they are the ones to make things right. A harsh and brutal
burden that we are leaving them. Great story, John. Do it again! *****__Barbara A. Sabo

I enjoyed “Bearers” as it spoke to me in more ways than one! God does not punish . . . we punish ourselves!
Our country is going haywire, while our politicians lead the way . . . stuffing their pockets with their greed.
This story is well written, and I enjoyed the banter style conversation. The descriptions were vivid,
revealing a talented writer using his creative skills to make us “think”! This may be life at a miserable low
point, however, we always climb up because there are more of us who love and care about our country than
those who covet and steal! *****__ Linda Law

Well, Cash, I think the Government, the mafia, what have you are symptoms of a deep issue in the human
psyche, a dark spot, horrors such as the abuse of innocence, stuff we can hardly bear to look at or into in
ourselves, so it grows and gets acted out in our world.  The bright aspect is it's more and more in our face
and we can SEE it and learn, understand, mature, evolve (some of us anyway) in a better, more natural
fashion.  But you know
it is up to us, individually more than collectively, rather than God.  My thoughts off
the top of my head. So, your story is most provocative. *****__Richard L. Sassoon

At first it seems that the one who doesn't get wet from the storm is the lucky one. But then things are not
always as they seem, are they? There's an analogy about that, I'm sure, one that I can't remember. But it
has something to do with jumping in and not being afraid of getting dirty in order to get things done. This
rough stretch--we're all going to feel this one, that's a fact. But if we're smart, we'll be resourceful, hang in
there and survive all of it and be the Bearers instead of the "lucky" one who didn't get wet. (Mommy,
Mommy, can I go for a swim? Yes, my darling daughter. Hang your clothes on a hickory limb but don't go
near the water . . . ) Yes, I liked this one. A lot. *****__Leann Marshall

Reading along, I was content w/my assumption this was a not so thinly disguised rant at our country, not
much of a story . . . until the end, when the dry lucky one turned out to be not so lucky at all . . . or was he?  
And that's what good writing does . . . makes one think. ****__Frank W. Bosworth

The issues of today's world echo deep in this short story.  Bearers and the characters that we meet are
reflections of those thinking the same things.  How bad will things get, and will we be the ones to pick up the
pieces and make things better again?  And will the fury of God, the blasts of thunder, sound the same as the
fury kept within us? Like those caught out in the cold rain, all we can do is hope that something will be done
soon.  Great piece of writing. *****__Melissa R. Mendelson
                                              By John E. Cashwell
                                                             Sunday, February 14, 2016
-G- by the Author
                                                     Sometimes it is better to be wet than dry.

    It was a time of fighting again,                                          On all too many fronts,
    When they could of less than one,                                      Bear the brunt.
    Thousands were being dispossessed                                 By sad banks
    Foreclosure better now                                                       Than just a simple thanks.
    Hollywood getting a subsidy                                              From the White House
    For few wanted to see their movies                                  Made of trash.
    The price of a barrel of oil                                                   Down a hundred dollars,
    Most corporations and industries                                      Didn’t need none,
    While Islamic despots fired up satellites,                          Just for fun.
    America going into the wilderness again,                         As She had often done,
    Her people too timid now,                                                   To bring Her back from ruin.

                                                                    -In The Parking Lot-

[There were five men in the parking lot when it really started to rain. The four men who ran for the church
got wet. The one who stood still stayed dry.]

A huge black cloud hovered above everything. Its darkness sucking the light out of the world. There was no
air, all that was left having been sucked up like the light into the huge cloud. Stone silence, lingering until you
wanted to scream. Then God letting loose His heavy depth charges of bunker busting thunder onto the land
that shook its mountains and valleys to their very bottoms and raped His innocent creatures of the forests
and the parks. His creatures were just collateral damage; it appeared He was very upset about something.

“I knew it wouldn’t hold off,” Claude said when they reached the vestibule.

“Yeah, something like this always happens right when you need it least,” Sam added.

Some of the people had gotten into the church before the downpour. But, like all, they didn’t escape the
crushing thunder now that shook the walls of the church and rattled its stained-glass windows.

“I really feel sorry for those poor souls who had to wade through that water out there. Up over their shoes it
was, Lads. Never seen anything quite like it. Just pouring out of the sewer right into the church parking lot,”
Mike lamented.

“And just how does something like this happen? Apex has always been a most beautiful town. Right here in
the center of the state. Why it seems the Cherry trees are always in bloom. The sun never sets on the
Village Green. And the streets are so clean you could ‘ave your breakfast right off ‘em,” Ray said.

Another huge depth charge resounded against the walls of the church shaking its foundation and all inside.
Causing some to jump, others to tremble. Then rumbled away.


“And Corruption.”

“The whole damn country is going to the dogs,” Sam said.

“I’m not so sure about the whole country. There are still some favored sites. The reason for the degradation
of most of the country, hell the whole world, is those assholes who are running things in government. Now
there is an example of total corruption for you,” Claude renewed the lament.

“Yeah, a superb example of bi-partisanship. Every damn one of ‘em blokes is either a criminal or a thug,”
Mike laughed, contributing to their caustic overview of America sliding into a sewer of Her own making.

“There’ll be blood in the streets if things continue in the direction they’re going. Them churchgoers won’t
have to worry about waterlogged shoes. It’ll be a lot more serious kind of wet feet,” Sam said.

“The Mayor is going to catch holy hell for this one. As soon as the service is over, everyone of those ol’
geezers is going to be on the horn to his office,” Ray added.

“Right, government at your service once again,” Sam chuckled.

“Not everyone,” Mike interrupted. “Ol’ Barney out there never even got wet. All snug and gussied up in that
expensive coffin.”

“Yeah, he’s a lucky one. He got out before the end,” Ray said.

“The stark truth is that government has never solved any of our problems, only made them worse," Claude
returned to the lament at hand. “It’s us, the people, who always fix things after they get broken . . . you
know, make things right.”

“Yeah,” Mike agreed, “we’d better get back out there and bring ol’ Barney in.”

2016 John E. Cashwell [All Rights Reserved]
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