While we are not publishers, we specialize  
in publicizing the works of all published
authors. We will post a review of your short
story, book, poem or song and direct
interested buyers to your web page or a
retailer for purchase of your new release.
While this page is primarily for published
authors, and a few others, it also offers keen
insights into preferred reading for millions of
today's politically savvy adults. You can enjoy
any of  the works above. Just click on a cover  
to learn more about its content, its author and
where to buy.                       
What We Will Do
For You:

Exchange books with you,
or buy your book.

Have your short story or
book read by members of
our review staff.

Post a review of it on our
Web site (your separate

Which will broaden your

And help to increase sales.
To You:

Post 50 reviews of your work--
49 of which are run-on mush.

Publish 6 chapters of your work,
which will only serve to dilute
the power of your words for first
time readers.

Post an E-Book version of your
work, which will only serve to
cheapen the value of your words
for first time readers.
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