Author:              Kenneth Rexroth
Paperback:                      144 pages

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One Hundred Poems
From The Japanese
I've owned the boxed, hardcover first edition of this little
volume since it was first published going on 30 years ago. It
remains one of my all-time poetry favorites, both for its
depth of feeling and for its selection. I recently lent it to my
youngest daughter who is now madly in love with it, too, so I
may have to buy another copy.

Ancient Japanese poetry is as simple and direct as a drop of
rain on your cheek, but don't be misled. It is that very
simplicity and directness that gives it the power to cut you to
the quick. Since I don't have the volume handy, I can't,
unfortunately, cite any examples, but they're there in my
heart and they influence my
own writing every day.

It is remarkable that any Westerner-even so fine a poet as
Kenneth Rexroth--could have captured in translation so
much of the subtle essence of classic Japanese poetry. The
depth of controlled passion, the austere elegance of style,
the compressed richness of imagery all in one fine work.