New for 2018
     Get the story the Fake News media doesn't
want you to hear. A withering indictment of the
Deep State plot against Trump and a firsthand
account of the real presidency, based on
interviews with the Trump family and top
administration officials.
     At this point in American history, we are the
victims of a liberal sabotage of the presidency
unlike anything we've ever witnessed.
Nevertheless President Trump continues to fight
every day to keep his promise to Make America
Great Again. Today that bold idea has already led
to a conservative judge on the Supreme Court, tax
reform, and deregulation that has unleashed an
economy stronger than anyone could have
     But there are dark forces that seek to obstruct
and undermine the president and reverse the
results of the 2016 presidential election. They are
part of a wide-ranging conspiracy that would
seem incredible if it weren't being perpetrated
openly. Driven by ambition, blinded by greed, and
bound by a common goal-to unseat the 45th
President of the United States-this cabal is
determined to maintain its wrongful hold on
national political power.
     Fox News host Jeanine Pirro uncovers the
elements of this conspiracy, including:
"Fake news" propaganda,
Law enforcement corruption at the highest levels,
National security leaks by the intelligence
community, Bureaucratic resistance to lawful and
constitutional executive orders issued by the duly
elected president, Crooked deals with foreign
governments by U.S. Officials sworn to defend our
It's about time the American public knows the
truth about the plot to bring down the Trump
presidency. By the time you've finished this book,
you'll agree with Judge Pirro that the only way to
stop these hoodlums is to Take Them Out in Cuffs!
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The Case Against the Anti-Trump
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About the Author
Jeanine Pirro is a highly respected
judge, former district attorney, elected
politician, sought-after legal
commentator, author, and champion of
women's rights.
     She is the host of Justice with Judge
Jeanine and for three years hosted
Judge Jeanine Pirro, for which she won
an Emmy. She also appears regularly as
a legal analyst and judicial commentator
on Today, Good Morning America, The
Early Show, 60 Minutes, CNN, and the
Fox News Channel.
     In 1990, she became the first
elected female judge to sit on the
Westchester County court bench. In
1993, Judge Pirro was also elected
district attorney of Westchester
County, once again setting a precedent
as the first female to hold that
     Judge Pirro received national
recognition for founding one of the
country's first domestic violence units
and has worked tirelessly to change the
legal landscape to reflect the needs of
the silent victims of violent crime. She
has two children, two dogs, and a pig,
and lives in Westchester, New York.
"Fantastic. Go get it!"—President Donald Trump

I do not have a loud voice. But, I have a fierce heart!
I cannot make it known, that I support President Donald
Trump, because I risk losing my small restaurant Business
which, really, is all we have left after the great recession.
     We wanted to, and we would still like to show our
support for President Donald Trump, however, we would
risk everything to do so. I guess we are the silent majority
(or, is it minority)?
     It is sickening and scary. We have friends like us. They
too, keep quiet, except when they are around trusted
     I am SO proud of President Donald Trump. I know that
he is making history. Turning around America from where
she was going, is a Master Feat. We support our President
100%. But, we cannot let anyone know this. How
absolutely crazy is that? FYI, I am in Southern California.
*****--Ms V.

I love Judge Jeanine's "tell it like it is" approach in her
show on the Deplorable's Network. I would never ever
watch The View, but ran across the clip of Judge Jeanine's
visit to the lion's den and had to find out what had flipped
Whoopi's switch. I knew it wouldn't go well because "facts"
and "liberals" on the same stage is a bad combination. In
typical deranged liberal fashion, Whoopi inspired me to
order the Judge's book. I'm very sorry Ms Behar had to
miss out on that episode of The View, as I am sure her
endorsement would have been just as enthusiastic as
     The Judge really lays out the sad and sickening truth of
what has gone on and is going on in our nation's capital.
Lady Justice has been kidnapped, is being held for ransom,
and the swamp flaunts it in our faces....Liars, Leakers,and
Liberals. Thank you Judge! MAGA!
*****--Whoopi Sells
Books! mpowers