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     The Emmy award-winning news anchor of
Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner and co-host
of the talk show Outnumbered shares the lessons she
learned growing up in a military family paying homage to
the military ideals that shaped her and showing how
everyone can benefit from bringing the wisdom of military
service into their lives.
     Born into a military family, Harris Faulkner revered
her father, a decorated career officer who served three
tours of duty in Vietnam and raised his children with the
values and ideals of the U.S. Military.
     Accompanying him from posting to posting, young
Harris experienced firsthand how success in life was rooted
in the knowledge, integrity, and leadership that came from
her military surroundings. Indeed, these formative lessons
in leadership and work ethic became the guiding principles
for her career as a journalist, lessons she credits with her
rise to become one of the top hosts on Fox News.
     Now, she shares the advice, wisdom, and tools that she
absorbed through her military upbringing, examining how
these ideals have shaped her professional and personal
outlook and how everyone can incorporate them into their
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A Military Brat's Guide To Life And
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About the Author
Harris Faulkner anchors her daytime
show, Outnumbered Overtime with
Harris Faulkner, in addition to co-
hosting the talk show Outnumbered. In
2017, she moderated the Women’s
Inaugural Breakfast, a bipartisan
inauguration event in Washington, DC.
She lives in New York City.
Illustrated with sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos
of her early life and career, this instructive book, part
memoir, part motivational life guide, reminds us of our
most important values—the keys to a successful life
**** --From the Cover

Faulkner points to the discipline, integrity, and leadership
skills she learned growing up in a military family to explain
how she became the Emmy Award-winning news anchor.
With a 40,000-copy first printing.
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