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Here is the first, insider, account of the precipitous fall of
Hillary Clinton. How the scandals of a lifetime finally reached
critical mass. How, in the last few days of the campaign, some
on her staff saw the ghostly shroud of defeat creeping over
them but were helpless to act, frozen by the self-denial of
the group.

Here is an explanation of why the national media and their
corporate owners kept Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren out
of the race. Why they wanted their investment in the
Clinton's to work and how they were willing to go to great
lengths to make that happen.

Don't have time to read the thousands of leaked emails from
inside the Clinton machine? The author has done it for you
and has come back from the experience with a stunning peek
into the world of a political leader who privately declared that
she wanted a hemisphere "with open trade and open

Finally, here is the story of the rise of Donald Trump. How
his opponents sought to derail him.

This is the story of how Donald Trump's message and brand
transcended the traps laid by his enemies. How, against all
odds, he won the presidency. And here are the details of his
plan to make American great again.
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Game of Thorns: The Inside Story
of Hillary Clinton's Failed 2016
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There are some things that even dirty money from Saudi
Arabia and media bias can’t buy!

Madame president lost the race to business expert Donald
Trump, but If you’ve watched any main-stream media
coverage of the election cycle, you might have been
surprised, given how biased and unfairly they treated
president Trump. All of the polls were wrong. I mean EVERY
single one of them. Remember the polls that gave Clinton an
over 90% chance of winning? The one’s that gave Trump a
1% chance of winning? Me too.
But if you’re like me, you had a feeling he’d win all along.
Looking at his rally turnouts vs. that of “Madame President”,
you’d have been a fool to think otherwise.

In his book, “Game of Thorns”, Doug Wead’s expains how
even with almost all of the media on her side, Hillary Clinton
still managed to lose the presidency. Through a combination
of her lack of ability to connect with the middle class,
constant pandering, and absurd levels of corruption, Clinton
proved that there are some things that even dirty money
from Saudi Arabia and media bias can’t buy.

This book is a must read, even for those who are still upset
that Madame president lost. Heck, you might learn a thing or
two- Like why you shouldn’t insult more than half of the
United States, or you know, immediately label anybodywith
a different opinion than yours racist, sexist, mysognistic, and
so on.*****__J. Paul

Anyone who wants to know what went on with the Clintons
that the mainstream media willingly chose to not report, will
find this book absolutely mind boggling!! OMG... thank your
lucky stars this couple was not returned to the White
House!!! It is hard to fathom that people like this actually
resided in our White House. Read how Hillary routinely uses
the F-Bomb towards her Secret Service protection; how the
Clintons looked down there noses at White House staff, Air
Force One staff, government employees, and on and on. Read
how time and again the Clintons use government agencies to
illegally access personal information to use against their
opponents and "enemies". It is really mind boggling to see
just how much the liberal media ignores when it comes to
their beloved love affair with the Democrat Party. I pity the
day these two stand before their maker and answer for their
actions here on Earth. This book is an absolute must read for
anyone with courage enough to learn the truth behind "the
Clintons".****__D. Demro
About The Author:
DOUG WEAD is one of the few living
historians to have written about all of
the American presidents. From
Washington to Obama, he is an expert
on presidential families. His book, All
the President Children, which covered
the presidents and their families, was a
New York Times bestseller.

Wead has been an employee of ten
presidential campaigns. He began as a
writer for Ronald Reagan in 1979. In
1989 George H.W. Bush brought him
on to senior staff at the White House
as special assistant to the president
and, most recently, he served as a
senior adviser to Senator Rand Paul.

He is a regular TV commentator on
everything First Family related and
he's been a guest throughout the
election process on Fox News and
CNN and a commentator during the
national conventions. He has been on
The Today Show ten times. He's been
interviewed by Matt Lauer, Lester
Holt, Norah O'Donnell, and Andrea
Mitchell. All the major journalists on
CBS have featured him in televised
segments from Dan Rather to Katie
Couric to Charlie Rose.
New Reviews:
Douglas Wead's brand new book on last
year's election is superb. His own
background and the tone of the book
are a bit right of center, but he writes
very factually. Part II on the 27 year
Clintons history contains facts almost
no one knows or remembers. Overseas
readers will be especially enlightened.
It spends more time explaining the
candidates and their past rather than
deep detail on the election itself. This
would seem a likely reason it is out so
quickly. Sadly, it lacks photos and more
importantly, no index, but the
voluminous endnotes show deep
internet research. It is a must for
political junkies.*****__R. Porter